Whirlwind Trip

Well, gang, I can’t begin to tell you how lovely this place is. The vistas are amazing and even more so, the people are some of the most warm and caring I’ve encountered.

So, back to the storyline . . .

Yesterday, there was a PDA in the Park (PDA = Public Display of Affection). NC’s Flip Benham was on hand, complete with his anti-LGBT rhetoric and cohorts in toe. He was really surprised that Q-Notes was there and that we knew about the action. He asked how I knew, and I told him, “”I’m a reporter! What do you think?”

Since Friday, the Jericho Riders have been driving up and down the street with a vehicle that has a sign on it that shows two gay men kissing with a “don’t sign” overlay on it. The folks here are not impressed! You’ll be able to see more of this when you read the story I write when I get back.

One thing to understand is that with a town that is 2,300, and the population is far more dense for LGBTs than in most cities, there are no gay bars! Everyone is just fine with gays and straights being together, except in a few token redneck establishments.

I am at a new friends house (who happens to be one of the Diversity Weekend promoters) now and we had a great slumber party last night. The view out the back of the house overlooks the King’s River. It is breathtaking. We’re eating breakfast (I know, it’s 3:30 pm.) Going back to the regular lodging and will be heading back to the Queen City tomorrow.

So, from the Ozarks, I bid you a fond farewell. Keep tuned to more from me in Q-Notes and online here.

Happy trails, go gaily forward, and most of all, keep the faith that there will be true harmony between all peoples in the US.


PS: I am totally saddle soar from the Diversity Bikers ride with Joney Harper and her growing posse. Joney lives here and was strongly connected to NC when she lived there awhile back. We took a fun, two-hour tour (not to be confused with Gilligan) around the area. Wow! Am I a biker chick now?

4 Responses to “Whirlwind Trip”
  1. juanito says:

    Awww! That is a nice story. Many thnaks for going out and reporting! Muah!

  2. Joney Harper says:

    Hi Lainey:

    I really enjoyed meeting you. I am happy you enjoyed the ride and your trip to Eureka Springs, despite the saddle sores. 🙂


  3. So great to hear you enjoy being in Eureka Springs. We have a lot of magical places and people here. We hope you make your way back home to use again soon.

  4. Opps, that should read, we hope you make your way back home to us again soon.

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