Denver Daily publishes hit piece on gay parents, kids

Via (Denver) we learn of an absolutely ludicrous, radical right agenda-laden hit piece on LGBT parents and their kids.

Entitled, “Gay parents = gay kids? Study: Kids raised by gay folks more likely to grow up gay,” The Denver Daily News article states:

As many as 21 percent of homosexually parented children become gay themselves, according to several studies recently reviewed and validated by a California psychologist.

The article by Dr. Trayce L. Hansen reviews all available research on homosexually parented children and concludes that children raised by gay parents are between four and 10 times more likely to develop a “non-hetereosexual preference” than other children.

“There are a number of non-genetic mechanisms through which homosexuality could be transmitted from one generation to the next,” Hansen writes in the article entitled, “Pro-Homosexual Researchers Conceal Findings: Children Raised by Openly Homosexual Parents More Likely To Engage in Homosexuality.”

“Those mechanisms include role-modeling, social learning and differential reinforcement, as well as outright encouragement of non-heterosexuality by parents or others,” the article continues.

Anybody with half a brain and even moderately involved in LGBT advocacy should immediately recognize the source of this “study.” No scientific researcher worth half their beans would dare use the highly politicized term “Pro-Homosexual.” The title of this “study” shows bias from the get go.

Keep reading in the article and you find the folks at Focus on the Family aren’t far behind the stench of the propaganda:

Those using the findings to oppose gay marriage argue that children raised by gay parents will have a more difficult time fitting in with the 97 percent of society that is not gay.

“Our perspective is really that kids need the influence of both a mother and a father and the research would bear that out,” said Dr. Bill Maier, a clinical psychologist with Colorado Springs-based evangelical group Focus on the Family.

Maier said research indicates that children of gay parents are more likely to engage in behavior that does not reflect their gender. He said boys from gay parents will have trouble identifying as a man and girls will have a difficult time identifying as a woman.

He added that research also indicates that girls raised by gay parents are more likely to be promiscuous and share multiple partners. Children of gay parents are also more likely to experiment with homosexual behavior, said Maier.

Because children of gay parents lack the diversity of both a mother’s and a father’s parenting models, they are raised at a disadvantage, he said.

“Moms and dads parent differently — we’ve found through research that fathers tend to be more rule-based and stress justice and fairness and duty in their parenting, while mothers tend to be more relationship-based and stress sympathy, care and health,” Maier said. “It’s not that one is right or wrong, it’s just different.”

Dig a little deeper and you find that this “researcher,” “Dr.” Trayce L. Hansen, is nothing but a conservative shill parading as a “clinical psychologist.” Her commentaries and “studies” are full of radical right stereotypes and talking points and she seems to love bashing feminists and gays, in particular.

Of course, her “research” on gay parents and their kids hit the American Family Association’s That was back on July 10.

And Googling the name of this good “doctor” combined with the words “focus on the family” doesn’t take long to return some curious results. The Illinois Family Association pushes her fake, unscientific, in-need-of-debunking “studies” on their website.

There’s more at The Denver Gayzette and The Denver Daily News will be publishing a “follow-up” article tomorrow with comments from Colorado’s LGBT community.

4 Responses to “Denver Daily publishes hit piece on gay parents, kids”
  1. Kip says:

    Matt, just this morning I posted a link to a reality-based video on this topic. Cheers.

  2. juanito says:

    They can’t fight us with the truth, so they resort to using lies and deceit. Most of their readers are never going to conduct any kind of research to debunk these claims. They are like lemmings chasing after the leader.

  3. a. mcewen says:

    Maier is being HIGHLY deceptive. The study he cites is most likely from Judith Stacey and she said that children raised by lgbts don’t necessarily abide by the traditional stereotypes regarding the roles of men and women in society (i.e. the man being the breadwinner and the woman being a stay at home mother).

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