Denver Daily offers follow-up on anti-gay hit piece

I posted yesterday about The Denver Daily News‘ hit piece on gay parents and their kids. Denver’s has done a great job covering the news. GLAAD and other gay groups jumped on it quick too.

From the follow-up article:

Denver psychologist Dr. Vivian Schaefer, who works closely with gay patients and is affiliated with GLBT studies courses at the University of Denver, said the children of her gay clients adjust to society the same way the children of her heterosexual clients do.

“These kids don’t experience anymore difficulty than children raised by their heterosexual counterparts,” said Schaefer, who added that her client-base is about 50 percent gay.

She said she hears the same concerns from her gay clients as she does from her heterosexual clients about their children, including issues like behavior at school and difficulty choosing colleges.

Schaefer said for every study that indicates children of gay parents are more likely to be gay themselves, there is a study to prove the opposite.

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