Does your dog bark with a lisp?

A young conservative slightly associated with the SPLC-listed hate group Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) gave a radio interview for The Young Turks at the Republican National Convention. What was up for debate? Well, none other than a good ole helpin’ of sodomy and a fine, fine conversation about Barack Obama’s “pro-sodomy” activizin’ ways.

PageOneQ has the story and the video (posted below) and I’ve got the bravado to say, “You can put a lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

Sorba’s obsession with sodomy and “rational” thought does nothing to dissuade him from making the most irrational argument I’ve ever heard attacking the presence of homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom.

Sorba must’ve been too busy figuring out if it is 2% of .2% of all animals that exhibit homosexual behavior to stop and think rationally about his question, “Does your dog bark with a lisp?”

Yeah… all gay people talk with a lisp. Uh, ok. You can put lipstick on the lips of an asshole, but it’s still an asshole. Sorba pretty much fits that description, I’d say.

3 Responses to “Does your dog bark with a lisp?”
  1. Zamna Avila says:

    Touche Matt. Nice analogy. Best,

  2. Leland says:

    No, our dog doesn’t bark with a lisp. But yesterday we caught him humping one of the cats….MULTIPLE times.

    I wonder what Sorba would have to say about inter-species mating? Because obviously (thanks to our dog) it happens.

  3. juanito says:

    Does he speak with a lisp? At times, I wonder where some people get their education.

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