Performing live: ‘acts’ of homosexuality

Students at Murray State University, the “public ivy university” of Kentucky, held a truly unique event recently.

In the campus “free speech zones” (something that’s likely totally unconstitutional, by the way), students involved with the campus’ LGBT organization hung out, read stories and chilled with friends during an event dubbed “Live Homosexual Acts.”

On Friday, members of the Murray State Alliance performed live homosexual acts on campus in the Free Speech Zone. Many students were shocked, but not necessarily as the name the event implies.

Students performed acts such as reading, studying and hanging out to raise awareness about the lifestyle of gay members of the Murray State campus.

Chris Morehead, junior from Paducah, Ky., checked out Friday’s event after hearing about it through a Facebook message. He said the event was sort of ironic because the name of the event is shocking, but the activities are normal.

Morehead, who is gay, said while hanging out at the event he was pleased to see several of his straight friends were comfortable enough to stop and speak to him. He said he also had friends who walked by and waved but did not stop.

More from the Murray State News (h/t PageOneQ)

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  1. juanito says:

    We need more events like this on all campuses, to show others what we’re really like.

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