Oh, no they didn’t!

Devon is a good friend of mine. He’s an exotic dancer in and around the Carolinas and I’ve known him for a while. He’s got a hell of a lot more balls than I do (no pun intended); I don’t think I could ever take my clothes off in public. He does it like it’s no big deal.

Yeah… he’s the guy with the ad over on the right, in case you hadn’t noticed by now.

But I respect Devon, despite the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever truly felt comfortable in the places he works.

He’s also doing some great blogging over at devonhunter.info (NSFW).

In one of his latest posts, Devon talks about the horrible treatment he received at an Atlanta party:

Gradually, I was becoming the focus of everyone’s attention. I drank my second glass of wine too fast and had to sit down. Within a few moments I was blocked into a corner by a wall of crotches and people were feeling on my head, hair, shoulders, and arms. I started to get nervous actually. I was buzzed, didn’t know a single person there (except Dave, who was mingling elsewhere), didn’t know really where I even was (since I don’t live in Atlanta), and have a couple stories in my past that I’ve not shared yet concerning sexual assault. No one wanted to talk to me anymore, they wanted only to hurl their fantasies at me from every direction at once. A few proceded to tell me how far they could stick various objects inside themselves or other people. One went into great detail about how he knew how to fist someone deep enough to cradle a person’s heart in his hand and feel it beating.

Devon’s made some great alliances with non-profit groups working to support those in the sex industry. I think Devon’s got a lot of great potential to really speak out about the treatment of sex workers — whether they’re the ones you just see on stage, like him, or the ones who give you a little bit more private attention elsewhere (wink, wink).

People are people. Like Devon says, sex workers and exotic dancers have feelings, too; they’re not just “mechanized anatomical parts.”

Kudos to Devon for speaking out.

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  1. Jarred says:

    That certainly sounds like a creepy and devastating experience.

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