TwitterQ moblogging digest for 2009-01-06

  • Gay website continues stealing content. New updates. #
  • I hate trying to work around personal and organizational egos. Too bad mine’s one of the egos to be worked around. 😉 #
  • @bgmurph very true… hey… whats up with this summons thing lol ? in reply to bgmurph #
  • @leland307 i think you get something a bit better than points for your correct answer lol 😉 in reply to leland307 #
  • Am I crazy for thinking it is somewhat cool a tree fell on my house today? No worries. Not all that much damage 😉 #
  • @MeckDeck just a few cracks here and its on my landlord’s side of the house (i’ve got a small studio). Not as bad as hugo, i’m sure in reply to MeckDeck #
  • @MeckDeck heya… interested in a blogroll exchange? coffee around clt sometime? in reply to MeckDeck #
  • @kipesquire yes, i was smitten… with good looks and sex appeal lol hahaha omg im so just kidding but that sounded good 🙂 in reply to KipEsquire #

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