Gay prisoner

For the past few issues, my day job publication has been publishing a series of writings from a gay prisoner. The “Lockdown” column by Joseph Urbaniak details his experiences and life as a gay man in prison. Back in 2007, Urbaniak filed a lawsuit against the N.C. Department of Corrections, seeking the right of LGBT prisoners to receive non-sexual, LGBT-themed publications such as The Advocate and OUT and newspapers like the old Front Page and Q-Notes; much in the same way that straight prisoners can receive mainstream, non-sexual news and entertainment magazines and newspapers.

But, as with all things, this hasn’t come without its own share of controversy.

In the Jan. 10 issue, we’ve published a guest commentary from a Charlotte community member who feels we should stop publishing the column. An opposing opinion column by me was also published, and we’ve got this issue’s QPoll dedicated to the question of whether we should keep the prisoner’s column or junk it.

I invite my readers at to head over to Q-Notes‘ website and read both the columns.

Editor’s Note (Matt Comer): Prisoner is just the messenger, try to see the message instead

Guest Commentary (Kevin Scott): Stop publishing writings from prisoner

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