LGBT Civil Rights given special mention on new White House website

To those who doubt that Obama will be an ally to the LGBT community (at one time including myself), the new White House website’s (which I’m told was updated at 12:01 p.m.) section on Civil Rights includes an entirely special focus on “Support for the LGBT Community.”

See the screengrab and click to enlarge after the jump…


This still doesn’t erase my concern that Obama’s “big tent” style will put gays at face-to-face odds with our oppressors, but this open willingness to put the LGBT community’s fight for equality on the front lines of the national Civil Rights struggle is inspiring and hopeful.

h/t Mad Professah

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  1. a. mcewen says:

    I’m not one against being face to face with folks who disagree with us. I’m of the opinon that some things need to be settled, period. I also think this will enable us to distinguish the difference between those who truly oppress us (the phony pro-family groups) and the people of faith who are exploited by their lies.

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