Charlotte ranks #2 in manliest city ‘study’

charlotte-logoMars, Inc. and COMBOS snack foods released a so-called “study” (read: p.r. stunt) revealing a list of the “manliest” cities in America. Nashville ranked in the top spot, with Charlotte following in the number two spot.

I’m a little confused as to how “The Queen City” can rank number two in a “manly city” list. The whole thing is actually quite sickening, really.

To compile their list, COMBOS/Mars, Inc. ranked cities by the number of “manly” establishments they had:

The rankings were determined using 50 of the largest metropolitan areas as defined by the United States Census Bureau, which includes a central city and the surrounding county (or counties).

Each metro area received a manliness rating between 0 and 100 based on how well it performed in each of the study’s manly categories. Factors used to determine the manliest city rankings included the number of U.S.-made cars driven in the city, number of sports bars and BBQ restaurants, number of home improvement and hardware stores as well as manly salty snacks consumption. All data was adjusted by the current population of the cities to arrive at “per capita” figures, providing an accurate comparison between cities of varying sizes.

Highlights of the “study” –

  • Nashville is the Mecca of manliness. With its high number of NASCAR enthusiasts, popularity of hunting and fishing and concentration of BBQ restaurants, the Music City stands alone atop the mountain of manliness.
  • Despite high ratings in the “bowling” category, New York City ranks 50th out of 50 in the study due to low scores in manly indicators such as “fishing,” “home improvement” and “drag racing.”
  • If you’re in the Midwest and looking to enjoy a game with a cold beverage, look no farther than St. Louis, which has the highest concentration of sports bars in the country.
  • Grand Rapids, Mich. has more monster truck rallies, per capita, than any other U.S. city.
  • Philadelphia and Chicago, with low scores in the “hunting” category fail to crack the top 25 (ranked 30th and 46th respectively).
  • The men of Oklahoma City know how to snack with gusto. Their city owns the highest purchase rate of salty snacks, such as COMBOS(R).
  • Got chainsaws? What about hammers and power drills? The men of New Orleans do. The “Big Easy” boasts more hardware stores per capita than any other U.S. city.

The full list of “America’s Manliest Cities” (barf) –

1. Nashville, Tenn.
2. Charlotte, N.C.
3. Oklahoma City, Okla.
4. Cincinnati, Ohio
5. Denver, Colo.
6. St. Louis, Mo.
7. Columbus, Ohio
8. Kansas City, Mo.
9. Indianapolis, Ind.
10. Toledo, Ohio
11. Memphis, Tenn.
12. Richmond, Va.
13. Columbia, S.C.
14. Orlando, Fla.
15. Dayton, Ohio
16. Salt Lake City, Utah
17. Milwaukee, Wis.
18. Minneapolis, Minn.
19. Cleveland, Ohio
20. Detroit, Mich.
21. Jacksonville, Fla.
22. Phoenix, Ariz.
23. Birmingham, Ala.
24. Grand Rapids, Mich.
25. Tampa, Fla.
26. Harrisburg, Pa.
27. New Orleans, La.
28. Las Vegas, Nev.
29. Pittsburgh, Pa.
30. Philadelphia, Pa.
31. Louisville, Ky.
32. Atlanta, Ga.
33. Providence, R.I.
34. Dallas, Texas
35. Buffalo, N.Y.
36. Rochester, N.Y.
37. Baltimore, Md.
38. Boston, Mass.
39. Houston, Texas
40. Seattle, Wash.
41. Sacramento, Calif.
42. Miami, Fla.
43. San Diego, Calif.
44. Oakland, Calif.
45. Washington, District of Columbia
46. Chicago, Ill.
47. Portland, Ore.
48. San Francisco, Calif.
49. Los Angeles, Calif.
50. New York, N.Y

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  1. Juanito says:

    This wasn’t a study…it sounds more like a wish-list.

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