Same-Sex Kiss Day: One question they forgot…


A grassroots group is encouraging a “Same-Sex Kiss Day” at Starbucks. The idea: LGBT couples show up at a Starbucks on April 15, 2009 (aka Tax Day), order a coffee or other luxury item, and kiss as a way to raise awareness on the unequal tax status of unmarried same-sex couples.

One question the decidedly elitist organizers forgot to include in their FAQs: What if my town or city has no Starbucks?

(h/t JMG)

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  1. Yeah, =I wondered the same thing, Matt. because my town doesn’t have one either…This just cracked me up, though. Some “java” for thought, this morning…

  2. That is impossible. Everywhere has a Starbucks, if not seven of them.

    • Matt says:

      “That is impossible. Everywhere has a Starbucks, if not seven of them.”

      Completely elitist.

      No… it isn’t impossible. There are plenty of places without a Starbucks. My hometown of Winston-Salem didn’t get one until I was a senior in high school (2004).

  3. Juanito says:

    We have too many around here, in DC. Of course, Eugene told me that St. Petersburg, Russia, where he’s from, just opened their “Second” one in the city. My, what a shock! Soon, they’ll be over-crowded. Of course, they are not very gay-friendly there…so I doubt they’ll have any kind of same-sex kiss day. Muah!

  4. RaleighRob says:

    Instead of specifying Starbucks they should have just said “Your favorite local coffeeshop, cafe or sandwich shop.”
    I mean…I got Starbucks all around me but I never go there, not when there are independent locally-owned places to go to instead.

    • Matt says:

      Local, independently-owned places are always the best. When I was still in high school in Winston, I hung out at a Starbucks a lot. Since moving to Greensboro for college, then Charlotte, I’ve really loved the local places like Tate St. in GSO and Common Market in CLT.

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