A wrong righted: U.S. to sign U.N. gay declaration

The Associated Press reports that the U.S. will sign on to a U.N. declaration on the decriminalization of homosexuality. Officials have notified the French sponsors of the intent to sign on. George Bush had refused to sign the statement, leaving the U.S. as the only Western nation refusing to do so. Read more.

(h/t Bilerico, UKGayNews)

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  1. Am just not sure what this will really do, Matt. Especially since OBAMA has returned to being a “closeted”, “down-low” supporter, if he really supports us now at all. I kinda view it as hypocritical given the lack of any substantive movement in regard to lgbtqi rights. I for one am tired of “SYMBOLIC”(empty) gestures like this one. It has no teeth, as they say. No repercussions, no nothing attached. And, pm=nce again, as in the last few weeks leading up to his inauguration, he ensures thes leaks are quiet, under the radar, adn way after the daily news cylce. That tells me alot. Same with REV. ROBINSON, same with the lesbians on that train ride from Philly to DC, same with quietly adding Robinson to the list on the dais at swearing in(as a make up gesture), same with middle of the night posting to .GOV website of LGBTQ issues he “supports”, the lack of press releases to major media outlets of LGBTQ appointments(though they hit the “gay press”…The list goes on. He has no guts when it comes to us…This to me, is meaningless. STEVE TABAREZ

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