“Conservative” is not equal to “Republican”

Evidentally, there are some folk around the Greensboro blogoshpere who think I’m a “Gay Republican” and while that isn’t a bad thing… it is just not true.

I laughed when I read this post on the Greensboring.com web forums.

Although I’m not far from being a Republican (the ultra-liberal lefty Democrats at UNCG are starting to get on my nerves) I’m not quite there. I’m not saying I will change my party affiliation from Democrat to Republican, but no one really knows what the future will bring right?

For now, though, I’m a Democrat; a very proud, more conservative-minded, Southern Democrat who just happens to be gay and support equality for all (Gay and Civil Rights is about the only thing I’m liberal on… except the whole dislike of Bush thing). I guess you could just call me a North Carolina Democrat… like the rest of our state party, I’m wierd and off from the national norm.

Talk to everyone later! 🙂

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