AFA and OneNewsNow contradicting itself?

On March 15, the radically anti-gay American Family Association-backed reports that abstinence-only education is working (past post):

“The teen pregnancy rate has dropped by a third since abstinence education was started,” he points out, “and the teen abortion rate has been cut in half.”

Seven days later, it isn’t working as thought and more of it needs to be taught:

“We have said to a whole generation, almost two generations now, of young people, ‘Just be careful and use a condom,’ and that’s the only advice we are giving them,” she adds, “and I think that’s so unfair and it’s so misleading for our young people because we’re downplaying the consequences of casual sex.”

Consistency is certainly not a principle that this “news” site  and writer Charlie Butts values.

2 Responses to “AFA and OneNewsNow contradicting itself?”
  1. Pepe Johnson says:

    I’ve often wondered if the teen mother is married, does that count as a “teen pregnancy”? And what about a twenty-something young woman who is pregnant and not married? That would be a pregnancy out of wedlock, and one would assume it would be a bad thing in the eyes of conservative Christians, but they don’t seem to be too concerned once young people are out of their teen years.

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