No Surprise: No mention of Gays in North Carolina Democrats and Young Democrats Platforms

As most of my friends and acquaintances know, I am a staunch Democrat… I have been ever since I became politically aware and active. Living in Winston-Salem and being in a relatively conservative high school, I thought I was a “liberal.” As I went off to college though and found out through my first year at UNCG, I’m really not all that liberal. In fact, I’ll go ahead and say it… I am a conservative. About the only things I am “liberal” on are the separation of Church and State (maybe), gay rights, civil rights and the all-important monetary and financial issues.

I was looking around online today and found the Platforms of the North Carolina Democratic Party (Platform)and that of the Young Democrts of North Carolina (Platform). It came as no surprise to me that LGBT issues were not even once mentioned in either of the documents.

You have to admit, although North Carolina tends to vote Democratic for all of our state offices, such as Governor and Council of State, we are in a pretty conservative state. For God’s sake… we went to Bush in the 2000 and 2004 elections.

I really do think that the NC Democratic Party and the Young Democrats of NC would be better off placing LGBT issues in their platforms though. With such a high number of LGBT persons active within the party, it just makes sense to recognize our issues, our problems and our concerns.

Hopefully LGBT issues will be added in the next time they get around to revising the documents. The United States is heading toward a major internal conflict over LGBT rights and North Carolina Democrats would be smart to take an early lead in setting up their platforms to be in favor of treating LGBT citizens as equally and fairly as straight citizens.

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  1. Nathan says:

    This is really a nationwide problem, not just a problem in North Carolina. The Democratic Party — although I am a proud member, don’t get me wrong — isn’t quite sure what to do with us, because they see us as a political liability. This is a problem that really needs to be overcome because, as you say, we are so active in the party.

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