Gays, gays and gays… Oh My!

cal_screenshotEveryone knows the radical right is, for whatever reason, absolutely fixated on anal sex. Everything they do and say always seems to come back to the “homosexual agenda.”

This week, the Christian Action League of North Carolina takes the cake. In their weekly email newsletter, the group sent out summaries of their four latest “news stories.” The group isn’t just an anti-gay group, they’re pretty much an anti-everything group. It usually isn’t surprising to see “stories” ranting against tobacco and alcohol use, supporting higher tobacco and cigarette taxes and other prohibition-like sentiments. But, this week, it was all about “teh gays.”

Three of the Action League’s newsletter’s four stories fixated on LGBT issues. The first ranted against the N.C. Court of Appeals decision this week to uphold Sen. Julia Boseman’s adoption of her son with former partner Melissa Jarrell. The second story lamented on the City of Durham’s unanimous passage of a resolution supporting marriage equality. And, the third whined about the state legislature’s failure to act on an anti-gay marriage amendment to the state constitution.

But what’s up with all this focus on us gays? It’s as if we’re a plague threatening to devour everything in our path. Sometimes (but not often), I feel sorry for these folks. They have their heads so full of bigotry they can’t see right from wrong or truth from fiction (like the time a state senator’s wife penned a horribly mis-quoted, mis-attributed and outright inaccurate piece on the Action League’s website).

Perhaps they should use their time and energy to address real issues impacting real families in the Tar Heel State. If they did, I’m sure they could create some beneficial and positive change, instead of wasting money and resources on their failing initiatives to deny civil rights to American citizens.

5 Responses to “Gays, gays and gays… Oh My!”
  1. Christina Horrell says:

    I couldn’t agree more. These people are so filled with hate they can’t even see what their doing and saying is far worse and “unchristian” like than responsible, loving and gay people could ever possibly be for our state and our country.

  2. Rob Etheridge says:

    Matt and Christina, having a policy as a church which takes a stand against homosexuality (not just anal sex, Matt) is not done in a spirit of hate and is not ‘unChristian’ in any sense of the word. Scripture states that homosexuality is a sin as well as murder and pre-marital sex and stealing among others. As a church, as a body of believers, we have the duty to stand up for the Word of God. Because I support the Conventions stand to take action against any church that would condone homosexuality does not mean that I am a hate-mongering, right-wing extremist. I am a loving follower of Jesus Christ. God despises sin (and yes, I sin and I am in a constant state of living under His grace and trying to present myself a living sacrifice – Romams 12:1) but loves the sinner. When he was confronted by the condemned woman at the well, Jesus neither condemned nor affirmed her sin. Jesus told her to ‘go and sin no more’. (John 7).

    Now, homosexual, adulter, thief, slander (whoever you are), recognize Christ for who He is, go, and sin no more.

  3. Matt Comer says:

    Rob… by “Convention,” I’m sure you’re referring to either the N.C. State Baptist Convention or the Southern Baptist Convention. Either way, if you support top-down, hierarchical creeds and doctrines: Then you’re not Baptist. Top-down, forced creeds are completely antithetical to the Baptist faith and its tradition and heritage. Is your adamant hate of LGBT people and equality so deeply felt that you’ve forgotten about other Baptist principles like soul freedom, liberty of conscience and local church autonomy?

    Here is a good primer on Baptist tradition, faith and principles, in case you were unfortunate enough to attend a Baptist church that had long ago forgotten them and stopped teaching them in Sunday School:

  4. Mykelb says:

    Dear Rob, Jesus was a mythological creature, there is no proof of any god, and America is not a theocracy.

  5. Don't hate says:

    What ever happened to “and God so loved the world he created man in His image”? Homosexuals are not sinner. Far from it, many are good, holy men and women how abide by laws and live respectable, loving lives. Many are Christan, good usually episcalian (or other open denomination) church-going, wonderful people. The Bible was written by a variety of people at diffrent times with diffrent backgrounds. Each had his own opinion, and many times on book of the Bible will contradict the other. It is our job as Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindis, or other to figure out which part of whatever holy scripture we feel is right. God cannot be personified in a book.

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