Levi’s Playgirl spread

A short, but hilarious twitter convo to help take your mind off whatever political mayhem in which you currently find yourself overwhelmed:

interstateq Ooo goodie: http://snipr.com/rjuuk Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Levi Johnston is hot?

KipEsquire @interstateq Perhaps, but only in a “dumb submissive houseboy” sense. (Indeed, houseboy is probably asking too much – poolboy maybe.)

dmcrawford @interstateq Stay away Matt. Levi will be mine. though you will be invited to the wedding.

interstateq @dmcrawford Maybe it is time to rethink the laws against plural marriages, too. Massachusetts should be game in, oh, 25 years. : ) lol

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