The anti-gay plan to undo hate crimes law

Both Queerty and Bilerico have commented on a WND story about a challenge next week to the new hate crimes legislation signed by Obama on Oct. 27. They say anti-gay activists are attempting to call for violence against LGBT people. I think the plan is much simpler and less sinister, but all the more susceptible to media spin.

Anti-gay Christian extremists led by Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission plan to challenge the law in a rally staged in front of U.S. Department of Justice.

WND writes:

The “Rally for Religious Freedom” in front of the Department of Justice in Washington is intended to force Attorney General Eric Holder either to address the issues or be put in a position of ignoring those who say they are violating the provisions of the federal law, Cass said. “We’re basically going to defy the law, and challenge it,” Cass told WND. “We’re going to declare the whole counsel of God, including those parts that some may consider ‘inciting a hate crime’ to see if the attorney general is going to come down and arrest a group of peaceful clergy exercising their First Amendment rights.

The rally is planned for Nov. 16.

Bilerico and Queerty (Disclosure: I am a contributing writer at Bilerico) are both spinning the Nov. 16 rally as a “call for violence.” I think Cass’ plans are much more simple and less violent. Nonetheless, the plans are plenty media savvy.

I, for one, doubt Cass and his anti-gay forces will actually call for direct violence against LGBT people. I also doubt that any of their members or close associates will ever actually commit anti-LGBT violence. Like Charlotte’s Michael Brown (Coalition of Conscience) and Flip Benham (Operation Save America), Cass and his folks will simply quote portions of Scripture they believe condemns LGBT people, and mix in some violent undertones here and there.

And, like our local anti-gay folks in North Carolina (more Benham than Brown), Cass will likely use the media and arrest for an actual violation of law to his benefit.

If I were taking an educated guess, I’d say Cass’ real plans include one or more of the following:

1. Staging a protest without following the proper protest ordinances or completing the proper assembly/protest permits, and challenging law enforcement when they attempt to stop the protest to such a degree that the organizers are arrested;
2. Taking their protest inside the Department of Justice (where they will likely be arrested, as I can imagine no protests are allowed inside the building itself); or
3. Violating any noise ordinances that might or might not exist and facing arrest after refusing to stop using bullhorns or other such amplification devices.

These tactics aren’t new. Protesters (both gay and anti-gay) have used them to drum up media attention. When the laws are broken and the violators arrested, the protesters simply spin the issue as being arrested for speaking out and having their Free Speech rights violated.

On July 12, 2007, three members of Benham’s Operation Save America, Ante and Kathy Pavkovic and their daughter Christan Sugar, took a similar approach to their protest of a Hindu priest delivering the opening prayer in the U.S. Senate. Sitting in the gallery during the prayer, the three stood up and started quoting Scripture and making other loud statements. They were arrested for disturbing the Senate, yet Operation Save America spun it as a violation of their Free Speech rights.

Come Nov. 16 we’ll either see a peaceful protest, without incident, in front of the Justice building, or we will witness actual violations of law then spun as civil rights violations. I’m betting on the latter.

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  1. Juanito says:

    Scheize! I have to drive by that building on my way to work. If they do file a protest permit, police will partially block off the street and will have extra police inside. I see way too many protest in this city. Matt, if I’m near the DOJ building, I’ll send you a report.

  2. Juanito says:

    I just read of another anti-gay attack against another college student in the DC area, this one at Georgetown. The student wasn’t hurt. This is the third one in as many weeks. Even in DC, one shouldn’t walk home alone.

  3. Dakotahgeo says:

    Outside of the DC City Council, Washington DC has become a cesspool of inadequate and weak police protection and really, really obnoxious Congresspersons. And it is not up to the American citizen to bail DC residents out on this area. Thankfully, DC citizens are doing a great job on their own, (sans Rev. Jackson and his ilk, of course) and the mess will eventually turn itself around. Congrats!
    (I lived in DC from 1969-70 and DC was so calm, beautiful and peaceful. What happened?)

  4. Dakotahgeo says:

    Ohhhhhh!!! That’s right!!! Nixon, Ford, GHWB, W! How soon we forget, lolol.

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