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In a post at, I write a bit on the current controversy bubbling out of the impending marriage equality vote by the Washington, D.C. City Council. The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., is threatening to pull its social services if the bill passes.

They say their religious freedoms and the freedoms of individuals and small businesses will be threatened by marriage equality.

It is clear we have to face religious issues and use them to our advantage in our next steps toward marriage equality.

In my piece, I suggested a new commercial wherein we might be able to use the some emotional and religious tactics our opponents have been using to defeat us at the ballot time and time again:

As we anticipate which state our next marriage equality journey might lead us, we should immediately consider approaching this issue from a spiritual and moral angle. For example, TV, radio and print ads could showcase religious leaders standing up for our equality and images of LGBT-led families attending worship services, while stressing the universal love of Christ.

I can imagine it now:

The camera pans across the front of a suburban-looking white church, and then across a sitting congregation inside the building. As the narrator begins speaking, the camera focuses in on different families, including LGBT families: “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. Jesus said there were but two great commandments. That you love God…” and then the camera focuses in on the narrator who is, in fact, the preacher/priest: “…and that you ‘Love your neighbor as yourself…” as the screen then turns black with big, bold white letters while the narrator speaks: “…’There is no commandment greater than these.'” A second narrator comes in at the end: “You love God and you love your family and friends. Do what love requires on Nov. 3rd. Vote No on Amendment 10.”

What a way to pull at Christian, swing voter heartstrings from our point of view, right? The other side does it, so why don’t we fight back on their turf and their terms?

We will continue to see religious groups like the D.C. Archdiocese, and individuals and small business owners, throw up these kinds of religious freedom arguments until we’re able to get to the point where almost all people agree civil discrimination is wrong and a good number of people agree that private discrimination is just as wrong. To do that, we’ll have to address the root of anti-LGBT prejudice and bigotry. We’ll have to speak about God, the Bible, church and religion, no matter how much it scares us.”

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