Militant Charlotte pastor has ‘concerns’ over anti-gay Ugandan law

Dr. Michael Brown, founder of several Charlotte-area ministries including the activist Coalition of Conscience, says he has “serious concerns” about the anti-gay Ugandan law that would punish homosexuality by death.

His statement was emailed to me as I was writing an article on the subject for Q-Notes. Despite his “concern,” his statement falls far short of a outright condemnation of the law. More below the fold…

From the Dec. 12 article (emphasis added):

In another exposé from Bruce Wilson, Rick Warren’s doctoral dissertation advisor, C. Peter Wagner, is linked to several anti-gay religious leaders in Uganda. Wagner’s New Apostolic Reformation counts Lou Engle of TheCall among its “inner circle of ‘prophets.’”

Engle helped to lead the Concord-based Coalition of Conscience, founded by anti-gay activist Dr. Michael Brown, in a protest prayer and worship rally at this year’s Pride Charlotte festival. A month prior to the event, Engle appeared at Brown’s FIRE Church. At the time, this writer reported on his

“Describing his prayers to root out the ‘homosexual Jezebel spirit’ in California, Engle said he prayed everyday with a ‘focused, laser beam.’

“‘There’s power in that kind of prayer,’ Engle exclaimed. ‘That’s a prayer,’ he said, making machine gun sounds and adding, ‘Shoot everything!’”

Asked for comment on or condemnation of the proposed law by Q-Notes, Brown said in an emailed statement: “While I do not pretend to understand the dynamics of Ugandan culture and law, and while I share the government’s concerns with the goals of homosexual activism and the dangers of homosexual practice, I have very serious issues with the proposed law as currently constructed. I believe it has the potential to hurt far more people than it could possibly help, potentially inflicting great suffering on many.”

Warren initially refused to “take sides” in the debate over the law, but recently condemned it and urged Ugandan pastors to speak out with compassion.

Brown and Engle were the subject of an in-depth Special Report prior to the July 25, 2009, Pride Charlotte festival. Both religious leaders have used intense militant and violent religious rhetoric and have made calls for “holy war.” After the publication of the Special Report, I appeared to discuss my concerns with Brown on his radio show, “Line of Fire.”

The article on the Ugandan law also profiles North Carolina U.S. Reps. Heath Shuler and Mike McIntyre. Both Democrats are connected to the secretive, American conservative group “The Family.” Equality North Carolina is asking they denounce their affiliation with the group, which has links to anti-gay pastors and legislators pushing for the law in Uganda.

Read the full article at Q-Notes.

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