Anti-gay Christian activist breaks the Eighth Commandment

“Neither shalt thou steal.”

Obviously, the good pastor heading up Raleigh’s Christian Action League forgot that morsel of divine revelation when he disregarded my publisher’s copyright notice on the bottom of our website and in the pub box of our print edition and copied and pasted my Feb. 20 Editor’s Note from QNotes into his March 9 “Urgent Action Alert.”

For the record, QNotes‘ website states: “Copyright 1986-2010 Pride Publishing & Typesetting, Inc., Charlotte, N.C.”

Our print edition states: “Material in QNotes is copyrighted by Pride Publishing & Typesetting © 2010 and may not be reproduced in any manner without written consent of the editor.”

Poor Creech. His organization is going so broke so quickly he’s resorting to even more picking and choosing from the Bible. It’s a shame really. I never pictured teetotaler Creech as the “Cafeteria Christian” type on matters so simple as theft. Usually, anti-gay fundamentalists reserve their picky eating habits for their gay hating tastes.

Read what Creech has to say below the fold…

Urgent Action Alert:
Homosexual Activist Mocks the League’s Financial Struggle

‘Those who…read Comer’s Commentary might see what we are up against… The gay community knows that as long as we are weak, they are strong!’ – Rev. Mark Creech
Christian Action League
March 9, 2009

Matt Comer has a long resume of homosexual activism for a young man in his twenties. A native of Winston-Salem, Comer has been stumping for gay rights since age 14 and has worked with a number of local, regional and national gay rights organizations over the years.

Comer currently lives in Charlotte where he is employed as the editor of QNotes, a publication that describes itself as the LGBT publication of the Carolinas. QNotes boast of a bi-weekly print circulation of 10,000, which is distributed in major cities and small to medium sized cities in the Carolinas. It also has an online edition they say receives tens of thousands of hits each month.

Recently, Comer wrote a commentary on the Christian Action League referring to its efforts to recover from financial hardship as “The Christian Panhandling League.”

“The commentary by Matt Comer demonstrates its own hatred and bigotry toward Christians that won’t affirm the homosexual lifestyle. But worse still, it mocks our righteous cause and implies the lack of funds we suffer is proof that their cause is destined to succeed,” said executive director of the Christian Action League, Rev. Mark Creech. “I can only hope and pray that those who identify with our values and read Comer’s commentary might see what we’re up against. We are in a war for our culture’s identity, for the future of marriage and the family, and ultimately this issue will affect religious liberty. The gay community knows that as long as we are weak, they are strong!” added Creech.

Below is Comer’s commentary in full, which may also be accessed by clicking here:

“Keep your friends close and your enem…I mean, friends with whom you simply disagree…closer. How many anti-LGBT groups’ email lists are you subscribed to? I’m on several. I love keeping up with the folks who are out to cause our community harm. I’m in the loop, can counter whatever message they might be broadcasting today and can keep abreast of their fewer and fewer successes and mounting failures.

You can call it outright cruel, but I’ve been especially giddy after learning of the months-long financial crisis inside Raleigh’s Christian Action League, a teetotaling, anti-gay network of fundamentalist and evangelical churches, religious groups and pastors. It seems our “friends” in wolves’ clothing continue to suffer under the weight of a $21,000 debt.

Back in September, the League’s executive director, Rev. Mark Creech, sent out his first of several messages begging and pleading for donations. Unfortunately, his wife got sick just as he began his master plan to get the League back on track. Regardless, wifey is better now and Creech has again picked up his guitar and put out the hat for those who care to toss him some change. What kind of entertainment is he offering in order to garner all that supposed support out there? It’s just the same old worn out song and dance we’ve heard and seen time and time again.

To the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle,” sing with me now: “Queers are raising lots of dough, they’ll take o’er before you know. Anal sex in our classrooms, pedophiles will come next soon. Queers are claiming victory, we’ve got to stop this sodomy!”

Meanwhile, and this is really what’s got poor Creech’s knickers in a twist, Equality North Carolina is drowning in a flood of cash. Along with a coalition of parent, youth and education groups, ENC successfully pushed for an LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying bill last year. This year, they’re embarking on an initiative to end anti-gay discrimination in state employment. And, North Carolina remains without an anti-gay marriage amendment. For six years in a row. Maybe Creech should get some singing and dancing lessons? : :”

Please give generously to help clear out the Christian Action League’s debt and prepare for Equality North Carolina’s push to give special rights to homosexuals in state employment. The Christian Action League also wants to renew its efforts for the approval of legislation that would allow North Carolinians to vote to define marriage in its Constitution as “one man and one woman.”

Share this correspondence with your pastor, your Sunday School class, your men or women’s missions organization, your friends and colleagues. The Christian Action League needs your financial help!!!


P.S. (8:48 a.m., March 10, 2010) — I love the little (perhaps unintended?) reference Creech made to “Jesus Loves Me.” How about another song?

Jesus loves the gays, I know. He stands by when stones are thrown. Anti-gays are out to harm. Jesus reaches out his arm. Yes, Jesus loves us. Yes, Jesus loves us. Yes, Jesus loves us. We are his children too.

11 Responses to “Anti-gay Christian activist breaks the Eighth Commandment”
  1. David R. Gillespie says:

    What can you say? Poor Rev. Creech.

  2. Appellation says:

    Now hold on there. Creech may be violating the 7th Commandment if we’re talking about Catholics and Lutherans.

    Even Christians can’t agree on how to number the commandments. I wonder if Creech consider Thou Shalt Not Steal as the seventh or the eighth?

    What does he say to those that interpret the Decalogue differently from him?

    I’m sure he’ll gloss over that difference. It’s a shame he’s not a true literalist.

  3. Ok says:

    Ok, so are you mad at him for quoting you, providing a link, what copyrighted material did he use without consent??? I only asked since you basically cut and paste his whole post????

  4. Matt Comer says:

    Ok, thanks for the comment. To answer your question, Creech republished the Feb. 20 “Editor’s Note” column in its entirety. Quoting a sentence, a paragraph or even two paragraphs would constitute Fair Use. Republishing the entire content, even with a link back, is copyright infringement.

  5. Ok says:

    yet you did the same when you post his entire post to your blog, didn’t you. I guess your answer would be fair game, fair play, so he could say the same about you

  6. Matt Comer says:

    Hey SicknTired, oh I mean “Ok,” you’re obviously not getting the humor and facetiousness of what I’m saying in this post. Please take your always disapproving, always negative outlook on life somewhere else? This is SicknTired, right?

  7. Ieosha says:

    Well first of all yes Jesus loves you yes for the bible tells you that God create women out of rib of man. God doesn’t go for man with man that is not in bible what is in the Bible God made the men that was after the pretty angels blind because he didn’t go for that. Yes it is in the bible do not steal kill are aommit adulty yes the that stuff about i was born gay is a LIE God didn’t make mess I don’t care who doesn’t like this but it is wrtong I still have love for everybody but it is wrong I pray that God will help you see that may OGd bless you all on your walk with him to see the truth

  8. Ieosha says:

    I meant commit and God I was typing fast

  9. jess says:

    You go with your badself Matt. Its about time people started to hold church nut jobs accountable for the hypocrites they are

  10. sickntired08 says:

    if you are going to bash me make sure its something I actually wrote first

  11. Rob says:

    Ieosha, you are referring to the creation story as told in Genesis Chapter 2. In the creation story presented in Genesis Chapter 1, there is no mention of ribs. I suspect your Biblical training didn’t cover doublets, did it?

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