UK civil unions causing new strife in Anglican Church

A quote from a Boston Globe article:

Although it was supported by both the Conservative and Labor parties in Britain, the Civil Partnerships Bill is causing vexing dilemmas for the Church of England. Church leaders are being pushed on one side by liberals, who argue that accepting homosexuality is the only way to move forward as a modern and inclusive church, and on the other, by evangelicals, who claim that homosexuality is inconsistent with the teachings of the Bible. That is putting many clergy in an awkward position.

There are no doubts in my mind that the United Kingdom’s new civil unions law will be causing some significant trouble not only for the Church as it exists in England but also for the Church as it exists in the worldwide Communion.

The Anglican Communion is already in the midst of a very heated and heartbreaking debate over homosexuality. The debate has gotten so heated in the past few years that many evangelicals are speaking of schism, particularly those of the “Global South”. The majority of these evangelical critics are from Africa and their dissent has done nothing but grow louder and louder.

The controversy has spread to almost every province of the Communion and now the new civil unions law gives evangelicals more ammunition with which to bombard the Church in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

I have said this many times before and I will say it again. The Archbishop of Canterbury, in his capacity as the leader of the Anglican Communion, must step up and start directing the Church. Without sure and steadfast direction, the Church will ultimately fall apart.

No matter what happens I am sure that God will lead the way. May He bless His Church and help us to overcome our differences so that we may start to focus on His work.

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