Anti-gay safe schools opponents are control freaks

Control freaks.

That’s exactly what anti-LGBT organizers and activists are. They honestly believe that they, and only they, can claim the role of moral arbiter of right and wrong. Their opinions. Their religion. Their interpretation of Scripture.

Have a different point of view? Too bad. Actually think all people — including gays — should be treated equally (as in, the dictionary’s definition of “equal”)? Tough luck.

Charlotte Hays of Independent Women’s Forum takes issue with the White House’s recent anti-bullying summit. She writes:

Okay, bullying is wrong. But this isn’t entirely about bullying, is it?

This is partly about promoting acceptance of alternative lifestyles. Most of us today are pretty accepting of these lifestyles, and all decent people know that it would be wrong to be unkind to anybody because of sexual orientation. Decent people don’t bully. But a kid who is a Christian is more likely to face censure in some schools. Why aren’t Christian kids on the president’s no-bullying list?


My problems with the no bullying campaign are twofold: it is ideologically driven, second, this really isn’t what government should do. This is an issue for a family. Families teach children to behave decently-or they don’t. Stable families instill civility, but ideological anti-bullying campaigns instill ideology.

As if Hays’ idea of an anti-bullying program wouldn’t be any less ideological. Ha.

There was a time — and for many LGBT kids, that time is still now — when schools’ anti-bullying campaigns or policies were designed specifically to exclude them. That’s the kind of anti-bullying campaign I can see Hays supporting. Why shouldn’t Christian kids be able to torment gay kids day-in and day-out, telling them they are going to hell and excluding them from dodge ball games. After all, we all know that gay kid is condemned anyway. We might as well let the Christian kid tell him so.

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  1. Beau says:

    From what I see and hear gays don’t want equality, thery want special attention, better than equality. You must understand that being gay is not the norm, therefore you do not, should not, require special treatment above an beyond anyone else. Go forth and do what ever you like to do but don’t ask me via my tax dollars to support your less than normal lifestyle, and leave a 5000 year old tradition alone. Beau

    • Matt Comer says:

      If being safe in school and being treated with dignity and respect are “special rights,” then, yes, we want “special rights.” Fortunately, sanity and rational thought win the day and prove there’s nothing “special” about being treated exactly the same as everyone else. We’re so sorry you’re too blinded by hate to see the difference.

    • Sam says:

      Pardon Beau,

      Which 5000 year old tradition are you referring to? If your referring to marriage the modern conception of marriage is a lot younger than that. If your referring to school then that is also a lot younger than that. If you are referring to Christianity in general it is also younger than that. If you are referring to Judaism then Jewish tradition locates Moses exodus from Egypt in something like 14th century BC so that doesn’t work either.

      I suppose, if I was feeling charitable I could assume that you simply mistyped and intended 2000 years. But even that would be a very problematic statement. Christianity as we understand it only really came into being in the relatively recent past.

      So what is this tradition your referring to?

    • Mykelb says:

      Pardon us, but we pay for your schools, your roads, your firemen, your subsidized housing and drugs. We are taxpayers just like you, so you have no “special” status to tell other tax paying, law abiding citizens to STFU. I don’t like supporting what I view as a sick and perverted heterosexual “lifestyle” via Snooki, Britney Spears and the likes of them either, but because I am a CITIZEN, I am forced to. I don’t like having my tax money siphoned off by the RCC, the LDS and the myriad of other RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS who are getting grant money from the federal and state government, but I don’t go around telling individual citizens they don’t have a right to it and to give it back or I will picket their homes and shoot them in their church like you all did Mr.Tidwell.

      Because of your overt heterosupremist ego, you have blinders on to the fact that the KKKristers in America have been terrorizing the LGBT community for as long as America has been in existence. Go back and re-read the Constitution. The Constitution is the Supreme law of the Land and it guarantees BY THE 14TH AMENDMENT my right to EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW, my right to free speech and assembly UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT, and my unenumerated rights within the NINTH AMENDMENT. YOUR KKKRISTER IRON-AGE BOOK OF FANTASIES has blinded you to the fact that, in America, tyranny by the majority is ANTI-AMERICAN and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    • Roger says:

      The christian sun is setting Beau, one day it will be a quaint museum display of our species’ savage and fear driven superstitions. The parroting of “moral” “normal” “2-3-4-5,000 year old tradition” is the desperate last gasp of your dying god and his ignorant, chattering monkeys. Deep down you know this.

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