#NN11LGBT: Is blogosphere sustainability a pipe dream?

Yesterday I posted on how impressed I was with the LGBT Netroots Nation Connect pre-conference. It was great conversation and brainstorming, particularly around issues of strategy, blogging and new media. Yet, I was struck by a notion I just can’t shake.

In one session, the entire group took turns brainstorming five different questions or topics including a question on ways to maintain a strong and well-funded blogosphere. The question isn’t new; how many collective hours and hours bloggers around the world have been spent on brainstorming blog sustainability is likely beyond anyone’s guess.

In my small group, I posited: “I’m a little uncomfortable with this question as a whole. I don’t know if it is a question with an answer. Doesn’t the very nature of blogging — it’s independent, de-centralized structure — run against most models for successful business and profitability?”┬áBut, of course, very few people actually think they’ll ever make a profit off their blogging. The “business” of blogging is certainly more non-profit than for.

No one debates the importance of a strong, well-maintained and well-funded blogosphere. The organizing it produces, the opposition research it conducts and the ground-up nature of its news production are unique to blogging; traditional media can’t rival it. Still, I doubt that blogging will ever be “well-funded” for the overwhelming majority of those engaged in it.

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