Mental disease – Part 2

Well, as it always seems inevitable these days, it looks as though I have managed to upset some people in regard to my recent post Homosexuality a disease? Fellow blogger poses the question , which I featured on The Equality MySpace Blog w/ Matt Hill.

A MySpace reader accused me of being a “reactionary” and attacking something when no attack was needed.

I beg to differ on that one. Disagreement is healthy and Anonymous Soldier voiced his opinions and thoughts and I did the same in return.

It is my opinion that using the words “mental disease” or “mental disorder” along with the words “homosexuality” or “gays” is not only wrong, but dangerous. Although a commenter on Anonymous Soldier’s blog noted that homosexuality, just as anything else can become a mental disorder if it causes one not to function in society, it must be stressed that homosexuality is not a mental disease or disorder in and of itself; if it were, homosexuality would still be listed in the DSM.

As the commenter pointed out, fear of cockroaches is not a mental disease, but it has the possibility of becoming so if one’s phobia of cockroaches disables them from living and functioning in life properly and rationally. The same is true with homosexuality, in cases where a person may have conflicts with his or her sexual orientation, therefore leading to irrational behavior, thoughts or actions.

But all in all, I still think it is important that everyone understand that homosexuality, in and of itself, is not a mental disease or disorder, although the radical, anti-gay right still tries to paint homosexuality as a disease and departure from the natural and moral order. The claims of the Right, however, are rooted in nothing but religiously-based bigotry, hatred, ignorance and prejudice.

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