Breaking stereotypes: He’s gay, he’s Republican, he’s a sports fan & he lives in West Hollywood

I often read his blog and he’s got a good one. The San Francisco Gate featured Boi From Troy on their “Culture Blog”:

The Stereotype-Busting Boi From Troy

With the most anticipated college football game in decades coming up Wednesday night between USC and Texas, it’s a fine time to visit an odd duck of a blog dedicated to one of the contenders.

Most sports blogs revolve around a few themes. “Our team is red hot; your team ain’t doodly-squat.” “Let’s get a decent relief pitcher.” “Anybody got tickets?”

Then there’s the Boi From Troy.

The self-described “gay male, Republican, sports fan living in West Hollywood” — must be zillions of those — combines a fan site dedicated to the USC Trojans with a gay site and throws in some conservative political commentary.

A few weeks ago, he mixed it up with some Texas Longhorns fans from Burnt Orange Nation, who sniffed that they only wanted to debate more traditional sports blog foes.

One thing the Boi is careful not to do is openly ogle his team’s players. And the Men of Troy seem to have accepted him as part of the fanscape, as shown in the photo of the Boi with linebacker Dallas Sartz.

But tolerance for the Boi clearly doesn’t extend to his college rivals. Before the Trojans played UCLA, he tried to organize a party for gay and lesbian student and alumni groups from both schools — and nary a Bruin fan showed up.

It is refreshing to see that not only one side of the LGBT community is getting attention. I have so often been the proponent of including all political persuasions and points of views within UNCG PRIDE! (where the great majority of our members belong to the LGBT Left and where many of the more conservative-minded gays feel left out and even excluded).

Yay for Boi From Troy!

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  1. Ryan Radford says:

    He was actually the editor of Wonkette for a few months last year while Ana Marie Cox, who normally puts a liberal slant on everything, was writing her book. It was a nice change.

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