Video: ‘King Paul’ Coble’s politics of division

[Note: Video above is a March 15, 2012, re-release of the original March 13, 2012, video shared in this post.]

Filmographer Eric Preston has released a lengthy video recounting the day back in February when Republican Wake County Board of Commissioners Chairman Paul Coble brought forth a resolution in support of North Carolina’s anti-LGBT constitutional amendment.

Coble, a nephew of the late, great hater U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms (R), is also running for the Republican nomination in North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District.

Three takeaways from the video:

  1. Embarrassing: “King Paul” Coble’s knowledge (or lack thereof) of the law, of the harms of the amendment he supports and his inability to run an orderly public meeting is an embarrassment and disgrace to the citizens of Wake County and North Carolina.
  2. Arrogant: “King Paul” Coble’s treatment of his fellow commissioners and his Wake County constituents is nothing short of arrogant. His attempts to silence public comment and his fellow commissioners, his continual ignoring of citizens’ remarks and his refusal to allow a roll-call vote on the amendment speak to his Coble’s character — one that is willing to push his and only his agenda at the expense of all other people and considerations.
  3. Dangerous: His inability to run an orderly meeting and his refusal to allow a roll-call vote are sure signs of how “King Paul” Coble views his place in government. He is not a representative of the people. He is not a custodian of the law. He is not a public servant in representative democratic government. No. No. He is a monarch whose will must be obeyed. Such a mindset is dangerous to citizens and to the very fabric of our republic.

2 Responses to “Video: ‘King Paul’ Coble’s politics of division”
  1. Mary Few says:

    Thanks for this video, it is excellent. I hope all the people in his district get to see this. This type of hate has no place in our society. I want to correct you on one thing. First, Jesse Helms grew up in a different time. Yes, some of his early beliefs were horrible and hate filled. However, he NEVER failed to listen to his constituency. He saw through education and listening the error of his ways and he apologized for his mistakes. More importantly he changed what he did to serve the people. He knew the art of compromise and he took care of NC in Washington. There is no nobler quality than the ability to admit one’s mistakes and move forward a better person for it. No one is right all the time. It is your ability to admit when you are wrong that shows strength of character. This man may be blood related but he is no Jessee Helms. Senator Helms for all his faults would not ignore his people. I realize you are not old enough to know all this history but make sure you attempt to get it right. There is a reason someone like Bono became one of the Senator’s closest friends. If your facts are not straight it can distract from the message and this is an important message! Make it about this horrible amendment and Mr. Coble’s unacceptable behavior!

    • Matt Comer says:

      Mary, thanks for the comment, but please don’t insult my intelligence. My age has no bearing on my ability to study history and come to my own conclusions — conclusions that are, indeed, well-founded on fact. Jesse Helms was a hater, pure and simple. He was a racist, sexist, homophobic bigot, and he did great harm to a great many people, including LGBT people even in the midst of the horrors of the height of the AIDS Crisis. And, no, he never changed his beliefs or his ways. He was a staunch anti-gay, racist and sexist bigot until the day he died.

      An in-depth history I wrote, though you say I’m too young to understand it:
      “Burying a fossil,” QNotes, July 26, 2008

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