UPDATE: Before he channeled Hitler, Pastor Charles Worley was oh-so-hot for the KKK

Pastor Charles 'Concentration Camp' Worley wants to 'get rid of all the lesbians and queers.'

This update on Maiden, N.C., Providence Road Baptist Church Pastor Charles “Concentration Camp” Worley from GoodAsYou.org’s Jeremy Hooper, who found an old sermon archived at SermonAudio from Worley given on April 30, 1978, two years after he started preaching at the church.

Listen to the clip below:

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I’m God’s preacher. I just believe the book. We’re living in a day when, you know what, it saddens my heart to think that homosexuals can go around, bless God, and get the applause of a lot people, lesbians and all the rest of it. Bless God! Forty years ago they would’ve hung [homosexuals], bless God, from a white oak tree! Wouldn’t they?! Amen!

Hooper notes: “The truly remarkable thing? Of all of his old sermons, *this* is one that someone at his church felt worthy of posting to the Internet for posterity’s sake.”

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3 Responses to “UPDATE: Before he channeled Hitler, Pastor Charles Worley was oh-so-hot for the KKK”
  1. Richard Crooks says:

    To think this guys gets up in front of a group of people and spreads his hate. How can people even set and listen to such hate.
    It’s scary to think how many people will follow this nut.
    Remember Jim Jones, etc.

  2. glen says:

    tell this bigot how you feel

    keep visiting his website and keep it down

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