“Governor’s school turned my son gay” Part Two

I think we have a little controversy on our hands here. The LGBT seminar at the North Carolina Governor’s School has made its way into AgapePress. Now… if you don’t know what that is, well…. shame on ya! But really, AgapePress is like the radical right’s news source and probably the most bigoted news you will ever read.�

But anyway…. I blogged about little Mrs. Bigot… oops, I mean Mrs. Burrows this� week and in December. Now the father has gotten involved and decided he’d throw his ignorance into the ring:

“He [said he] was thinking now that he perhaps was gay — and of course I was floored by this [pronouncement] and was, like, ‘where did this come from?’ This kind of came out of left field,” the dad says. After questioning his son for an extended period, Burrows says he discovered the source. “I found out that this was as a result of this seminar.”

So now we have one big bigot daddy and bigot mommy. I wonder…. if their son really is gay, how much harm will be done to him by all of this? How much emotional distress will he go through? How much of that distress will come from his own parents?

These parents really are in denial and looking ofr someone to blame. They don’t want to blame themselves for having a gay son so they go off and blame the State. Oh, how convenient. I’ve said it before and I am not afraid to say it again: Your son was gay way before he ever went to that seminar. Stop trying to look for someone to blame and take care of your child!

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