Right-wing Christian press publishes article on Susan Wiseman

A radical, right-wing Christian press organization has published an article concerning Susan Wiseman and situations involving both the false allegations of sexual misconduct and the controversial “New Gay Teenager” seminar at the NC Governor’s School.

The article, published by AgapePress� February 24, 2006, calls Ms. Wiseman a “suspected sex offender” and a “dangerous influence” while claiming that she is “indoctrinating” students on the homosexual lifestyle.

Although the Carolina Journal did publish an article concerning the investigation of Wiseman and the NC Governor’s School seminar, the article from AgapePress is the first to negatively and very biasedly connect the investigation, the seminar and Wiseman’s advocacy for LGBT students while leading readers to believe she is guilty of the misconduct and a “recruiter” for the LGBT community. Although the Carolina Journal article, written by Paul Chesser (with whom I have personally spoken), had a definite conservative bent, it remained somewhat unbiased and fair to all parties involved. The AgapePress article goes all the way to the right (the radical right that is) and shows its clearly obvious anti-LGBT bias and prejudice.

The parents complaining about the NC Governor’s School seminar are featured prominently in the article:

Last summer, Wiseman co-led a seminar at the North Carolina Governor’s School called “The New Gay Teenager.” Jim Burrows, whose son attended the pro-homosexual seminar, believes it is clear the lesbian instructor is bent on indoctrinating young people with a favorable view of the homosexual lifestyle.

“This was an agenda that she had,” Burrows contends, “and she just basically took advantage of the situation that she was in to promote her agenda.” He says the lesbian instructor’s “New Gay Teenager” course influenced his son to question his sexuality and also to question Bible passages condemning homosexuality.

And the concerned father has reason to believe the seminar that led to his son’s experience was “obviously was not a one-time deal,” he contends. “Actually, we have had several other parents with kids who went to Governor’s School in past years that have told us that this went on there too,” he says. “In fact, this has been going on at Governor’s school for many years.”

Burrows believes Wiseman and other instructors at the North Carolina Governor’s School are committed to promoting homosexuality to children. For him, recent events have simply reinforced his suspicions about the lesbian teacher having a pro-homosexual agenda and being willing to use her position as an educator to carry it out.

In my opinion, the AgapePress article does nothing but paint Ms. Wiseman in the most negative light possible under these already negative media circumstances.

Although it is clear that Forsyth County District Attorney cannot and will not charge her or prosecute her, Ms. Wiseman’s name has already been ruined by persons who would like nothing more than to see all LGBT people puched back into the “closet” and forgotten, once again, by society.

What I don’t understand is how radical, right-wing Christians can preach against LGBT advocates and call them “recruiters” when everyone knows that these same Christians are doing the exact same things. Ever heard of YoungLife? They go into the schools and they try to “spread the word” about Christ. Ever heard of the Day of “Truth”? It is a knock-off of the Day of Silence in which students go around speaking about the “truth” that God can save� gays from their “unnatural” desires. It just seems a bit hypocritical to me for these right-wingers to complain about� “homosexual recruitment” when they are clearly in the schools recruiting students over to their own points of view also.

It really is sad that the story made its way into AgapePress. Now this whole thing will be read all over the country and radicals every where will be up in arms ready to fight for the honor of bigotry and hate. Blah.

The most up to date information regarding this issue can be found at: http://www.interstateq.com/?s=susan+wiseman

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9 Responses to “Right-wing Christian press publishes article on Susan Wiseman”
  1. tay hota says:

    how does one get “indoctirnated” into homosexuality? God, I would have loved that meeting when I was a young lad…

  2. wsteacher says:

    In my observation of Ms. Wiseman both at the high school and otherwise— I have to say she does have an agenda in promoting homosexuality. That is not to say that that makes her a predator though.

  3. Matt says:

    It just seems to me, the way you wrote that sentence: “I have to say she has an agenda in promoting homosexuality”, that you already have a bias against LGBT people and LGBT issues. Phrases such as “promoting homosexuality” and “agenda” fit perfectly into the Radical, Religious Right’s political framework. Guess you learned it from them right?

  4. Melissa says:

    Her sexual orientation to me is immaterial. ANY adult (especially one in a position of power) that has sexual relations with a minor deserves and needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I find it truly sad that the victim did not wish to press charges. I find it even sadder that members of the gay community are once again defending sex offenders.

  5. MathChick says:

    Okay, I have taught with the Governor’s School folks several times over the years. No agendas, homosexual or otherwise, are pressed upon the students. Unless, of course, you count providing them with knowledge and theories based on 20th and 21st century scholarship. The ability to make informed decisions based on reality are all we try to impart. Any one who believes otherwise should ask any former Gov. Sch. student to talk about her/his academic experience in the program.

  6. Matt says:

    Melissa – I am defending a “sex offender” because I DO NOT BELIEVE SHE IS ONE. If I thought she had done this thing, then I wouldn’t be supporting Ms. Wiseman. Until I am convinced that she actually did any thing wrong, I will continue to support my friend and my colleague. I will not, like some have done, just sit idly by and let my friend and colleague go through utter media hell, as well as legal hell, without standing up for her when I believe she is innocent.
    MathChick – Thank you for your comment in support of the Governor’s School. I called the State Superintendent of Public Instruction on Monday after the ADF sent their letter in concern to the matter. I asked her assistant to not back down and stand up against the ADF. I really hope the State will have the backbone to defend itself.

  7. wsteacher says:

    Actually I used the term agenda because I think she intends to set forth a very liberal, pro-homosexual point of view. I am not a right wing anything. You assume that I am not homosexual… I just don’t think that someone deserves my support simply because we have a common choice of lifestyle.

  8. Matt says:

    I’m not giving Ms. Wiseman my support just because we have one thing in common, that being our sexual orientations. I am supporting her as my personal friend, mentor and colleague.
    On the point about agendas… I hope you would speak out against people from YoungLife and the “Day of Truth” for coming into the schools and setting a very right-wing, anti-homosexual agenda as you speaking out against Ms. Wiseman.

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