Anti-Gay ADF sends letter to NC schools on Gov. School seminar

According to a news release sent out by the anti-gay Alliance Defense Fund (ADF)� and published by, a letter from ADF has been sent to North Carolina public school officials on behalf of Mrs. Beverly Burrows, a parent who has complained about a NC Governor’s School seminar on the book “The New Gay Teenager”.

The letter was sent to Howard Lee, Chairman of the NC State Board of Education and June St. Clair Atkinson, Superintendent of the NC Department of Public Instruction. The news release was sent out on Friday, February 24, 2006 and the letter is dated February 23, 2006.

According to the news release:

The Alliance Defense Fund has issued a letter to North Carolina school officials on behalf of a parent requesting that they immediately halt their offering of a seminar titled “The New Gay Teenager.”

“Schools should be required to follow the law.� The seminar in question violated North Carolina statutes,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Mike Johnson. � “Teaching sexually-oriented material without parental knowledge is not only morally wrong, it is illegal.”

ADF attorneys believe officials broke the law because the organizers of the 2005 Governor’s School program did not follow state protocol, which dictates� that schools must notify parents and� obtain� their authorization� before any student can attend a class focusing on sexual matters.� A unilateral decision by school officials to offer the controversial seminar apparently came without legal consultation.

“The seminar’s organizers also erred by including anti-religious advocacy in the seminar’s curriculum and activities,” Johnson said. “Such practices breach the First Amendment and require immediate corrective action.”

The letter to NC public officials can be viewed at

Although I have conceded previously on the subject of anti-religious statements (if they were, indeed, made during the seminar),� I do not think that it was wrong, per se, for the seminar to have taken place and a dispute Mrs. Burrows’ claims that the seminar caused her son to� question his sexuality.� If he was questioning his sexuality or confused about it in any way, he was in that state� long before he� ever attended the seminar. Sexuality is not something that can be changed or have doubt cast upon it by� the words of another person.�

The one thing I fear now that the ADF has gotten involved is a lawsuit. I hope that the state will have enough courage and backbone to stand up against these right-wing, bigoted activists and stand up for what is right. The seminar was optional and students were not forced to attend. If Mrs. Burrows’ son had not have wanted to attend the seminar then he didn’t have to.

This is just another push by the Radical, Religious Right to force their beliefs on everyone else, while they sit back and complain about “homosexual recruitment”. As I said in an earlier post, it just seems a bit hypocritical to me for these right-wingers to complain about “indoctrination” when they are clearly wanting to do the same.

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