NC teens take part in annual mock legislative session

According to an article from The Winston-Salem Journal’s Teen Page, high school students from across the State of North Carolina recently took part in an annual event allowing the students to take part in a mock legislative session in the NC General Assembly building.

The YMCA Youth and Government program brings together teens from across the state every February to take part in the four day conference in which teens get to take on the jobs and important issues dealt with by professional politicians and elected officials.

This year the students dealt with numerous issues, including one of the nation’s most debated topics: LGBT Marriage Equality. Although the article doesn’t state the outcome of the vote, the students did hear a bill on the legalization of marriages for same-sex couples.

I say… Good for these teens. It makes me happy to hear that teenagers in high school are interested in government and politics. It also makes me happy to see that they are dealing with important issues instead of ignoring them. I’m sure that some parent will end up coming up to say how much this mock “bill” hurt their child…. heck, we already have parents complaining about an LGBT-inclusive seminar at Governor’s School.

But… really, I think it is good and wonderful that teens are taking an interest in the affairs of state. Who knows… maybe one of the teenagers featured in the article will one day be leading us in the State Senate or House. Maybe one of them will end up in Congress or the White House.

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