‘Gay agenda’ claims Winston-Salem letter writers

Ok… this is probably the billionth time I have heard or read a right-wing, radical claim that gay people have an “agenda” and that we are spreading “homosexual propaganda” in their schools. I have to ask myself everytime: “Is tolerance and respect really all that terrible?” I guess so.

Two letter to the editor writers (one from Winston-Salem, the other from Walkertown) wrote a letter to the editor together which was published in The Winston-Salem Journal today. In the letter, they attack Susan Wiseman over the false allegations of sexual misconduct with a student and her connection with the LGBT-inclusive NC Governor’s School seminar (see Blog search “Susan Wiseman” and Blog search “NC Governor’s School“). They also urge all parents to protect their children from “being taken advantage of in school by homosexual propaganda”:

Gay Agenda

Should any informed parent be surprised at another sexual-abuse case in the school system (“Investigation of teacher goes to DA,” Feb. 23)? Perhaps it is time for parents, not the school system, to make a background check on their children’s instructors and to put pressure on schools to be accountable. If they think the mainstream media will be a reliable source, they are badly mistaken. Upon reading the February Carolina Journal, parents would find that one of the leading instructors at the elite Governor’s School last summer was none other than Susan Wiseman. It should be no surprise that Wiseman, who is the youth coordinator of the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) in Winston-Salem, co-led the “New Gay Teenager” seminar at the Governor’s School.

If the majority of the parents of school-age children were aware of the agenda being propagated by these gay groups, they would be outraged. Because the mainstream media is soft on this subject, parents will have to be diligent and take an active role in ensuring that their children are not being taken advantage of in school by homosexual propaganda.



I just think that it is absolutely horrid that these two men would write in to bash Ms. Wiseman when it is not even proven she did anything wrong. We all know, as mentioned in the letter itself, that Forsyth County District Attorney Tom Keith declined to prosecute the case based on lack of evidence. I must say here that, usually, when there is a lack of evidence it is because there was most likely nothing done wrong. If something wrong had been done, there would have been, most likely, some evidence to back it up. But, no, all that the school system and others have are the biased and prejudiced claims of bigots and homophobes.

I don’t understand why it is so hard to see the connection here. The NC Governor’s School gets attacked for an LGBT-inclusive seminar which Ms. Wiseman led and then she is later accused of sexual misconduct. Ms. Wiseman is also outspoken on the issue of anti-LGBT harassment in the schools. Is it so hard to see that the anti-gay forces are only trying to get rid of one of the only voices LGBT students have employed within the school system? To me… no.

The bigots are just upset I guess. Upset that they were not able to have charges brought against an innocent person who they claim is “recruiting” their children with “homosexual propaganda”. Unless the radical right gets their message out of the schools (see earlier post “Um… Isn’t this like, uh, ‘heterosexual recruiting’?“), then LGBT advocates (you know… the people trying to protect LGBT youth) won’t get our message out either. Until a time comes where all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender-identity, can attend school without the fear of harassment or prejudice, then LGBT advocates will be there to speak on and work on the behalf of students who have no voice.

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