PFLAG Winston-Salem Prez responds to ‘Gay Agenda’

Winston Salem Journal logoToday, in a letter to the editor published by The Winston-Salem Journal, the President of PFLAG Winston-Salem responded to a past letter claiming that activists and teachers are puching a “gay agenda” in our schools.

Thomas Farmer, President of PFLAG, claims that the group’s only agenda is to make schools safe and make the above average suicide rate of LGBT teens a part of history:

Real Agenda

In response to “Gay Agenda” (March 7), parents should be informed of what children face in North Carolina schools. They should know that nearly half of students report bullying as a serious problem in school and only 38 percent feel safe while there. Seventy percent see students harassed because they are or are perceived to be gay, lesbian or bisexual; 75 percent see students harassed because of their gender expression; 78 percent hear homophobic remarks like “that’s so gay,” indicating worthlessness; 84 percent hear terms like “faggot”; and 17 percent hear homophobic and sexist remarks from their teachers.

Parents should understand the “gay agenda” of groups like PFLAG. Our agenda is to stop harmful messages and damaging behavior in schools. We want the statistic that “gay and lesbian youth are three times more likely to commit suicide than their straight peers” to become history. Our agenda is that all students deserve safe schools, support and empowerment to grow up strong – no matter who they are, what they look like or whom they love. This is the “gay agenda.” Parents should be outraged at the arguments of anyone who says this isn’t what we should do for all children.


Yup… I’d have to say I agree with Mr. Farmer. The only agenda here is one in which people should strive to make their children and their children’s schools safe. Really, Mr. Farmer has a good point: What parent wouldn’t want their kids’ schools to be safe?

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