PRIDE! Week busy-ness

Pride week logoWow… compared to last year’s PRIDE! Week, I’ve been going absolutely crazy with the events this year. I would definitely have to say I am a lot more directly involved in its planning and implementation this year, however. I’ve been going crazy with as busy as I have been and this has really been the first chance I have gotten to sit down and write anything here. Today was also the first in a few where I could not only check email, but respond to it, lol.

UNCG PRIDE logoOn Tuesday, UNCG PRIDE! had our LGBT Politics Panel which was a success I think. We had about thirty people show up and given that the great majority of college students (not just at UNCG but across the country) are apathetic and many don’t care about politics, the turn-out wasn’t so bad. Our panelists included Ed Farthing of EqualityNC, Gary Palmer of GSAFE, Linda Stroupe of PFLAG Greensboro (website in the works) and Alyson Meiselman, a TG activist/advocate and Attorney at Scurti & Gulling, PA, one of the larget LGBT law firms in the nation.

We had some great discussion with the panelists and the audience and, as the chief organizer of this specific event, I want to thank everyone who showed up and our wonderful, wonderful panelists.

My good friend Cris also showed up and brought some Soulforce material. Cris had originally is the one who introduced me to Soulforce and invited me to attend the events at Liberty University. Needless to say, he was also arrested. I’m glad he was able to come, also… and I’m especially glad that he brought some Soulforce material (I might have to get more stuff either from him or the group for our resource library and brochure collection, lol)

Thursday’s PRIDE! Week event is “GLBTQSA… Huh?!”, which will be our weekly general body meeting. If you want some fun, some arts and crafts and a chance to meet new folks, come on out to the Faculty Center on College Avenue, UNCG, at 7:30pm.

Friday’s event will be our much anticipated PRIDE! Prom at the UU Church of Greensboro. The event is free for UNCG Students and $3 at the door for non-UNCG students. The Prom starts at 8pm and lasts until midnight…. ALL ARE INVITED no matter the shape, the size, the thought, the party affiliation, the color or sexual orientation. No need to even have a date, lol. Come on out for great fun, dancing and friends. Directions are available on the PRIDE! website or the UU Church of Greensboro website. (Refreshments will be served).

I will go ahead and say this though: I will be busy for the rest of the week and on the weekend (Unity Conference… OH YEAH), but I will try to be a bit better with posting. You’ll just have to forgive me if I get a little too upset over something… all the stress you know 😉

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