Gay to Straight Clubs promote bigotry & prejudice

Organizations supportive of the so-called “ex-gay” movement, including the Liberty Counsel and PFOX (Parents and Families of Ex-Gays), are now voicing their public support for the formation of “Gay to Straight Clubs” (or GSC’s) in public schools.

According to an article by the New York Blade, the Liberty Counsel and PFOX have started a joint campaign called “Change is Possible.” The new campaign urges students to form Gay to Straight Clubs in public schools and to take part in the Alliance Defense Fund’s “Day of Truth,” a counter-reaction to the annual Day of Silence.

Although the Federal Equal Access Act gives students the right to form a club without the interference of the administration on the grounds of political, religious, or ideological speech, the formation of these clubs will do nothing but promote prejudice, hate and bigotry.

Imagine for a moment that you are an LGBT or questioning/confused student in a high school. Now… imagine that there is a group of students who are constantly calling you a sinner and abnormal. With all of the societal pressures against LGBT people already, can you see how this might pose a serious problem for LGBTQ students? The radical right is always talking about the mental health issues of the LGBTQ population. It is directly because of things like the Day of Truth and these new “Gay to Straight Clubs” which cause mental health problems in LGBTQ teens and youth. Adolescence is already hard enough without all of society labeling you as perverted, pedophilic, a sodomite, a predator, a sinner, hell-bound, and unworthy.

These clubs are not good for our schools. Too bad we live in America and we can’t do anything to stop them (under our current law that is).

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  1. They are merely taking advantage of the same Federal Law that Gay-Straight clubs use…Equal Access Act

    I would hope that once the meetings of these groups are over – they will not proceed to harass LGBT students.

    Some schools have determined that the solution is to get rid of ALL Extraciricular Clubs. Whats your opinion on that?

    After all, school is for learning…

  2. Matt says:

    Like I said in the post. The Federal Equal Access Act does allow these type of groups to exist, no matter how I might personally feel about them. That is just what one has to deal with in America: You don’t always agree with what another person might believe.

    Some schools have determined that the solution is to get rid of ALL Extraciricular Clubs. Whats your opinion on that?
    I do not think that schools systems or individual schools should ban all extracurricular clubs in order to stave of one or two with which the administrators, parents, students, etc. might disagree. All people have the right to association, free speech and assembly.

    If, however, these students’ righ tto associate, speak and assemble cross over into harassment, bullying or threatening behavior, then the clubs are causing a disruption and then the school would be obligated to do something… whatever that “something” might be.

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