Anti-gay “researcher” Paul Cameron debunked again

Anti gay researcher Paul CameronThe guy we can all thank for the myth that the “average gay man dies before 40” is anti-gay researcher Paul Cameron (pictured right). His research is bogus and he has been debunked time and time again, including once more today. Yet… despite all of his debunked-ness he continues to make his rounds in the anti-gay, ex-gay circuit all while pumping up his non-scientific, bias-laden, religiously motivated “studies” and “evidence.”

Today, author Abigail Garner wrote a post on her blog concerning a radio interview Cameron did yesterday. Here is her post:

Paul Cameron was a guest on the Thom Hartmann Radio Show yesterday.

Here’s the link to the archived show. (The interview is almost immediately at the beginning of the archive.)

Here is an excerpt of Cameron explaining his findings on the show. I’ll insert my comments to demonstrate how deceptively he presents his information:

This study is the largest sample.

His “sample” consists of people he never met and never interviewed. It’s not like he was in contact with any of these people. Ever.

Seventy-seven adults — not kiddies — these are adults who are being interviewed because they have a homosexual parent. And in this particular instance they were chosen by pro-homosexual investigators.

“Pro-homosexual investigators” = Non-homophobic books authors

Three of them. Three different studies.

“Studies” = BOOKS

He is careful to not mention which studies, er, books he used, which were Life Curves, Out of the Ordinary, and my book, Families Like Mine.

And they were trying to show that really, it’s pretty good to be — kinda fun — to be the child of a homosexual.

“Kinda fun”= Nothing to be ashamed of.

But if you looked at and assembled all the data that they published, it turns out for most of them you could tell what kind of sexual activies and preferences they had.

The “data” in the case of Out of The Ordinary were essays contributed by adults with GLT parents. Anthologies have never been statistically representative. Notice how he again avoids the word “books” to mislead listeners into thinking the “investigators” of this “data” are “reporting” on a “sample.” (Or, in honest English, “authors” of “books” who are “writing” about “people.”)

And it turns out, 30% of them, were, at the time of interview engaged in or interested in homosexuality; 32% in heterosexuality, and the others, well, we just don’t know. They didn’t report.

What accounts for nearly one-third of the sample that “didn’t report?” In my book — which accounts for 50 of his sample of 77 — they “didn’t report” their sexual orientation because their sexual orientation was not the focus of my research. So how can someone else turn around and make it the focus of his research, using my incomplete data as for the majority of his data?

This is the tip of the iceberg for the interviews Cameron is doing and wants to do. He is currently being shopped around to radio shows to talk about his “study.” To prove it, the link is here. Book him without challenge if your show wants to kill its cred.

You can see all of Garner’s related posts on Paul Cameron’s insane “research” on her blog:

One of the better posts, linked from a ProgressiveU writing on “secondhand gay” (where I originally found Garner’s site) can be found at…/context…paul-cameron/

Garner’s blog has become a haven for proclaiming the truth about homo… ***COUGH***, I mean Paul Cameron and his misleading, non-factual, damaging and socially and politically harmful “research.”

This guy really needs to be stopped. Maybe he needs to go back to college, too… and learn a bit more about how to do scientific studies. “Doctor” Cameron, my a$$. People just can’t let him keep going on to spread this non-sense.

Cameron’s “research” even made its way to UNCG last year. In April 2005, UNCG PRIDE! and UNCG’s Office of Student Life hosted a debate on marriage equality. Our two guests were long-time LGBT activist Elizabeth Birch and anti-LGBT activist and Concerned Women for America spokesman Robert Knight. Guess what…. Knight tried to use Cameron’s “evidence” against Ms. Birch. She, of course, fired back with information on how many times Cameron’s work had been debunked.

Want more info on Cameron… like how he was kicked out of the American Psychological Association and how the American Sociological Association condemned his research and publicly and officially stated their opposition to him? Yeah…. Visit this site hosted by the Psychology Department at UC-Davis.

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