Wow… The Winston-Salem Journal actually offered some pretty positive coverage to yesterday’s Triad Pride Festival in Downtown Greensboro. I’m surprised; shocked really.

From the Journal:

Nearly 700 attend Triad Pride Festival
Gay-pride gathering celebrates diversity, chairman says
By Fran Daniel
Sunday, August 26, 2007

Triad Pride PerformerThe Triad Pride Festival at Festival Park in Greensboro yesterday drew more than 680 people, including a contingent from Winston-Salem, organizers said.

Pictured right: Performer Anjelica Dust, also known as Bradley Thompson of Greensboro, lip-syncs to a song at the Triad Pride Festival. (Journal Photo by Lauren Carroll)

Alternative Resources of the Triad, based in Greensboro, sponsored Triad Pride Festival 2007, which started Thursday and will run through today.

“It’s a festival to celebrate the diversity within our community,” said Eric Hinson, the festival’s chairman.

Hinson was among the organizers who began working two years ago to organize the gay-pride festival. Before coming to Greensboro, he lived in Charlotte and Knoxville, Tenn., and decided that if those communities could have gay festivals, then so could the Triad.

Alternative Resources also sponsors and the Greensboro Out at the Movies series.

Club Odyssey on Country Club Road in Winston-Salem and several venues in Greensboro have held parties throughout the festival and will continue them tonight.

Hinson said that a festival such as Triad Pride is about generating a sense of acceptance within the community.

“It’s important for not only gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to be able to come together and express pride openly in public, but it’s also an education for people who aren’t familiar with us,” he said.

Festival-goers said that people are more accepting of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people than in the past.

“I think that the universities and the amount of just opened-minded people in the Triad area have helped us,” Hinson said.

Members of Metropolitan Community Church of Winston-Salem have found that gays and lesbians face less discrimination from businesses these days than they do from some schools and churches.

One of the handouts that the church provided at the rally states that some churches use the Bible frequently as a weapon to “bash” lesbians and gays.

“Our church is completely welcoming,” said the Rev. Joe Cobb, the pastor of Metropolitan Community Church. “We have people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight. They are really there because they are experiencing unconditional love and welcome.”

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As of right now I haven’t been able to find any coverage on the Greensboro News & Record‘s website, but the article from the Journal was awesome.

I had a chance to talk to the organizers of the Festival last night. They said that closer to 750 attended the Festival, not the 680 the article says.

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Green Queen Bingo kicks off the school year

A crowd of more than 500 people gathered inside the Regency Room on Elm Street in Downtown Greensboro on Friday night to celebrate community and the beginning of the “Back to School” season. In this first week of college classes in Greensboro, when the city’s population jumps by almost 30,000 people, the Guilford Green Foundation drew long-time LGBT community supporters, LGBT leaders and activists, college students and friends to its four time a year event.

“Back to School” Green Queen Bingo, with an underlying theme and feel of the 1980s – with 80s music and drag queen performances – kept the crowd going and playing – and donating to Guilford Green – all night long. From 7:00pm until right after 10pm, the crowd played and dotted their bingo cards for the awesome chance of winning at least one of the ten bingo games.

The Bingo event was just one event in a line-up of this weekend’s Triad Pride festivities. After the Bingo event many Bingo-goers headed out to an official Triad Pride party at Warehouse 29, one of only few LGBT-oriented night clubs in the area.

You can view more photos in the Photo Gallery

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PLEASE NOTE that an update and story on the forum on the evening of September 20th has been posted. Check out the update which includes in-depth commentary and video & audio.

Partly in response to the PrideCharlotte festival being held this week and into this weekend in Charlotte, NC, a right-wing religious group affiliated with the radical, anti-gay protest group Operation Save America, has announced its plans for a “dialogue” and forum on “the Bible and Homosexual Practice,” according to a press release from the Coalition of Conscience and the FIRE School, based in Concord, NC.

Local gay clergy in and around Charlotte are being invited to participate in the forum.

According to the press release:

Dr. Michael L. Brown, director of the Coalition of Conscience, has extended an invitation to Charlotte’s gay clergy to participate in a public dialogue on Thursday night, September 20th, from 7:00-9:30 PM. The event will be hosted by FIRE Church, located at 4323 Concord Pkwy S., Concord, North Carolina.

Brown said he was prompted to call for this public dialogue after reading an article in Q-Notes, the gay newspaper of the Carolinas, which stated that Pride Charlotte would feature a “Booth of Truth” that would offer “truthful, gay affirming information about spirituality.”

Said Brown, “This is a highly divisive issue that is of paramount importance to tens thousands of Christians in the greater Charlotte area, and it’s about time that we bring the relevant issues to light in a mutually respectful, Christlike manner. Hopefully, clergy in the gay and lesbian community will be willing to come out on this issue too.”

Brown also pointed out that the stakes are high. “If my viewpoint is wrong, that means I’ve been guilty of making God into a bigoted homophobe. If their viewpoint is wrong, that means they’re sanctioning sin.” Brown added that Jesus himself said that, “whoever lives by the truth comes into the light.” “So,” Brown asked, “if we’re convinced that our position is right, why not bring it into the light? Do we have anything to hide?”

The press release goes on to say, “Still, despite the highly-controversial nature of the subject, Brown believes that there can be a healthy dialogue without acrimony or venom. ‘Hopefully, in 21st century America, we can air our differences and have serious interaction without engaging in name-calling, hate speech, or rancor. And certainly, there will be no gay-bashing from me.'”

I’ve emailed the Coalition of Conscience to ask if I can attend not only as an audience member but also as a member of the media – as a blogger – in order to take notes and video for a later report on I’ve yet to hear back but am hopeful I’ll be able to attend with my notepad and video camera in hand. I have not heard if any local Charlotte gay or gay-affirming clergy plan to respond to Brown’s invitation.

During the Human Rights Campaign Carolinas Gala in February 2007, Brown’s group hosted a week-long series of lectures on homosexuality.

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NC Pride FlagWhen the world looks into places like North Carolina, full LGBT equality is, at best, a dream or a goal far off and yet to be achieved. At worst, it is a delusional fantasy that neither this generation or the next will witness.

But to the hundreds of thousands of LGBT citizens in the “Red State” South, progress in LGBT equality is happening now and, compared to years past, at lightening speed.

Nothing could further prove this point than this weekend’s slew of LGBT events across Carolina, from the state’s capital area in Raleigh and Durham, to the mid-sized metropolis cities of Winston-Salem and Greensboro and all the way to Charlotte, North Carolina’s “Queen City,” the largest American city from D.C. to Atlanta.

Both the areas of Charlotte and Winston-Salem & Greensboro are set to have Pride festivals on Saturday. Charlotte’s Pride festival – set to attract anywhere between 7,500 and 9,000 – may turn out to be the largest Pride festival in the Carolinas and surrounding states like Virginia and Tennessee.

At the same time, the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is hopping down in Durham. In Greensboro, the Guilford Green Foundation, one of the largest LGBT, charitable non-profits in the state, will hold their “Back to School” drag queen bingo.

For years, LGBT North Carolinians – like many Southern queers – have tolerated the extreme prejudice that tended to go hand-in-hand with living, working, learning and growing up in the South. Now, the community – more than ever – is banding together and becoming a strong, viable and visible presence not only in the political sphere, but also in the social and religious ones.

In the early 1990s, when the state’s LGBT advocacy group EqualityNC was founded, it was barely a blip on the map of the “Who’s Who” list of state-wide political action and advocacy organizations. The group has now grown to be so large and influential at stopping anti-LGBT legislation, that almost every state legislator, staff member and political insider knows its name, its leaders and its members. As proof of their growing influence, North Carolina remains the only Southern state to stop an anti-gay marriage amendment while still in its legislature, thereby preventing the all too common amendment referendums seen across the South. Almost every major city in the state boasts at least sexual orientation as a part of municipal anti-discrimination codes and some smaller areas include gender-identity and expression.

And with youth across the state, the tide is sure to continue trending toward left. In 2000, only nine gay-straight alliances existed throughout the state and most were in major metropolitan areas. Tremendous growth on LGBT issues has been seen in the youth of the state. In the past eight years, the number of gay-straight alliances multiplied by almost 10, and more gay-straight organizing is happening every day at the high school and college levels. In fact, a July 2007 release from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network based in New York City listed North Carolina 20th in a state-by-state list of those with the most gay-straight student organizations and gay-straight youth organizing.

As for the series of prideful events this weekend, the community is pumped.

“I think they will all be wildly popular. My recommendation is to attend all of them if you are able,” says Raine Cole, the Co-Chair of the Pride Charlotte Task Force.

More Information:


More Pride resources/press

Ran across a great resource from Q-Notes for Pride Charlotte and a press piece for Triad Pride.

Q-Notes put out a special events section with the full schedule of Pride Charlotte events and some nice articles on a couple of the happenings. Check it out (in PDF format).

Also, The Winston-Salem Journal‘s “Relish” Magazine printed an article on Triad Pride last week. Check it out.

Click HERE for more PrideCentral Features.

Now in its second year, the Lesbian and Gay Community Center’s Pride Charlotte is slated for this week, culminating in Saturday’s Pride Charlotte day festival at Gateway Village. Expecting anywhere from 7,500 to 9,000, the event will surely be the festival’s largest in its entire, more than week-long schedule and in its history in North Carolina’s Queen City.

The first lesbian and gay pride festival in Charlotte was in 2001, held in the public Marshall Park. 2005’s “Charlotte Pride,” then organized by a different group of people now in charge of the daunting task of organizing the $60,000-plus schedule of events, was disrupted by extreme, radical, anti-gay protestors. The protests from the radicals prompted controversy in the community and Mayor Pat McCrory joined in on the fray offering negative comments toward the festival. Although the official reason for the end of “Charlotte Pride” was never the presence and protests of the radicals, they nonetheless claimed victory over the former festival’s demise saying that they had “pushed [it] back in the closet.”

In what looked like an end to the pride festival in the largest city from D.C. to Atlanta, the community banded together.

Enter the Lesbian and Gay Community Center of Charlotte. In 2006, they picked up the cause.

Pictured right: A crowd of 6,000+ gathers at Pride Charlotte 2006

“Pride Charlotte 2006 came about when the folks at Charlotte Pride decided not to put on the festival [in 2006],” says Pride Charlotte Task Force Co-Chair Raine Cole, “The Community Center and Q-Notes brainstormed, put out a call for volunteers and the Pride Charlotte Task Force was formed.”

Cole gave a brief history of the Pride Charlotte Festival, including their history with opposition from the likes of Concord, NC-based Operation Save America and its leader the Reverend Flip Benham. Operation Save America and Benham have made a name for themselves, disrupting LGBT events in Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham and one Soulforce Equality Ride event in Greenville, SC, at Bob Jones University. Cole says the Center has taken great steps to keep festival-goers away from the behavior of the disrupting protestors.

“We wanted to avoid having the same problems in 2006 that they had in 2005 we decided to move the event to a private venue. This way we had the ability to exert control over any protestors. We also met with the City of Charlotte, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police and Cousins Properties (the property mgmt company for Gateway Village). With their input and cooperation we were able to have an event which was peaceful and enjoyed by all.

“Because of what happened in 2005 our Opposition Strategies Committee was formed last year to ensure that Pride was going to be a pleasant experience. Their efforts were applauded by the police, the City, property management, vendors and attendees.

“I feel like a lot of time is spent talking about the protestors but there is so much more to putting together an event of this size than just containing the actions of 50 or so people.”

The Pride Charlotte festival has done wonders for the community and for the Community Center, Cole says.

“Many people had no idea we had a Community Center and I think that Pride Charlotte 2006 was their introduction to the Center and its programs and facilities.”

Moving the festival to private property at Gateway Village gave the local LGBT community a safe and welcoming place to hold the festival. Cole says the response from the 2006 festival was great and many community members felt as safe as ever.

“The day after Pride Charlotte 2006 the Charlotte Observer ran a story about the festival. Most of the people interviewed talked about how much they enjoyed our event, how safe they felt and how different it was from the previous year. In fact, we had approx 6000 people last year which was the biggest turn out ever for a Pride event here in Charlotte.

“Many of the wounds from 2005 were healed that day.”

The theme for this year’s Pride Charlotte festival is “United for Equality.”

“To me ‘United For Equality’ serves to remind us that we need to continue to stand together and fight for our rights. There’s a lot of talk in the media about same sex marriage and I think we should be allowed to marry. But we also need basic equal rights and an end to discrimination based upon our gender, sexual expression or sexual identity,” says Cole.

The unity won’t be phased by any presence of protestors this year, either. The Reverend Billy Ball, an ultra-conservative minister from Primrose, Georgia, has already told festival organizers he will attend this year’s events. Ball, known for his outrageous behavior and for pushing arrest and then later suing city and municipal police departments and governments, has confirmed he’ll try the same thing this go around.

Cole says the festival is ready and Ball’s presence won’t be a disturbance.

“[Ball] is really nothing special. When Reverend Ball sent me the e-mail telling me that he would be at Pride I checked out his web site and contacted the directors of the other Pride events he bragged about “attending.” They pretty much told me the same thing – he shows us with his bull horn and yells the typical anti-gay stuff at people and gets arrested. The charges are dropped and then he sues the city for perceived violations of his Constitutional rights.

“We encourage people at Pride to just ignore them. Protestors who are loud and obnoxious cannot be talked to and yelling back at them only encourages them. After a while you forget they are there and you can’t even hear them once you are inside the event.”

Operation Save America and Benham have also noted their possible interference with the event.

Pride Charlotte will continue its tradition of its “Enforcers of Peace” and the “Booth of Truth.” Any festival-goers needing support or encountering violent language or behavior is encouraged to report it to the Festival and visit the “Booth of Truth,” staffed by local, affirming ministers and religious leaders, if they need support.

Cole warns that disruptive behavior of any kind, whether from the protestors outside or festival-goers inside, will not be tolerated. Cole says that Pride Charlotte intends to be a safe and welcoming event where the LGBT community can feel safe, enjoy themselves, find a sense of community and have fun.

As for any recommendations on good events to attend, Cole picks no favorites.

“I think they will all be wildly popular. My recommendation is to attend all of them if you are able.”

The Pride Charlotte festival official kicked off last Friday and will continue through Monday, August 27th. A complete schedule of events and more information can be found at

More Information


Triad gears up for first-ever local Pride

In the 1980s, when Alternative Resources of the Triad (ART) was first started to assist local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in finding much-need resources and support, most local queers would have never dreamed of a locally-focused LGBT pride festival occurring in the area.

The dream has come to life this year. ART, which runs the local LGBT website, started planning the Triad Pride 2007 festival last year and it is gearing up for its four-day series of events next week, with the largest being the day festival on Saturday, August 25th.

The Triad Pride festival will mark the first time that the Triad area plays host to a pride gathering planned entirely by locals, for locals. Only twice before has the Triad seen a pride festival in its borders. In 1996, the North Carolina, state-wide Pride festival was held in Winston-Salem and in 1999 Greensboro played host. In recent years, the state-wide festival has been held in Durham on and around the campus of Duke University.

The Triad Pride day festival on Saturday will not be the largest pride gathering in the state, but for the first-ever event of its kind in the area, it should prove to be a large draw for local LGBT people.

“Since this is the first year for Triad Pride Festival here in Greensboro, we are expecting between 1,200 to 1,500 persons,” said ART President John Johnson.

An issue on many people’s minds is the opposition that LGBT people continue to face in North Carolina. Not only have anti-gay, religious radicals attempted to strip away rights through legislative means in Raleigh, anti-gay protestors have been regular attendees at North Carolina pride festivals, causing disruptions and coming close to arrest.

Protestors aren’t really a concern to Triad Pride organizers says Johnson.

“Honesly, we are not expecting any protestors or disruptions since Greensboro is a pretty open city and area. But, we will have secruity on hand to make sure that problems do not happen and to protect everyone.

“Greensboro is a great city to hold Triad Pride in. Everyone is so friendly and the city makes you feel so welcome. It has been a pleasure in preparing Triad Pride Festival here in Greensboro.”

According to Q-Notes (link), the Reverend Billy Ball of Primrose, GA, won’t give the competing PrideCharlotte Festival in Charlotte, NC (being held on the same day as the Triad Pride festival) as easy a time as Greensboro is getting. Ball has already confirmed he will be in Charlotte and his past antics include arrests and lawsuits.

The schedule of events include everything from region-wide parties from Winston-Salem’s Club Odyssey to Greensboro’s Warehouse29 and Q Bar to a Sunday afternoon picnic co-hosted by Triad Pride, Alternative Resources of the Triad and Triad-area PFLAG chapters.

Some of the highlights of the Festival include Saturday’s Day Festival at Greensboro’s Festival Park in Downtown, “Our Night Out” at The Press in Downtown Greensboro, Saturday night’s Pride Ball at Warehouse 29 and Sunday’s Mr. & Miss Triad Pageant at the Warehouse 29. The winner of the pageant receives a $200 cash prize.

Organizing for the event has definitely been a grand undertaking. Major sponsors include the Biltmore Greensboro Hotel, Kent Woofter and Cris Belton (owners of Warehouse 29), PFLAG Greensboro and Club Odyssey.

The Triad Pride Committee and many volunteers have worked hard to pull off the more than $24,000 series of events.

“There is such a large number of people, groups, organizations and businesses that has helped out,” says Johnson, “We can not thank them enough for doing so.”

Other events the weekend of Triad Pride include Guilford Green Foundation’s “Back to School” Green Queen Bingo on Friday evening, the Triad Pride Men’s Chorus concert “Pretty in Pink” on Saturday at Greensboro’s Cultural Arts Center the North Carolina Democratic Party‘s Sanford-Hunt Dinner in Greensboro on Saturday.

Learn More:

Triad Pride Theme 2007: Living Out Loud! Living Out Loud is the the theme for Triad Pride 2007 Festival! Living Out Loud means a little something different for each person, Living Out Loud is the expression of a peson to live life as you want and to be free to be your self with the freedom to express your self fully. With out the freedom to be one self then there is no freedom for anyone.

Be sure to stay tuned to PRIDE CENTRAL for Charlotte & the Triad! We’ll bring you interviews with pride festival insiders, event summaries, photos, videos and more!

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Triad Pride, Greensboro, Schedule

The schedule for the Triad Pride 2007 festival in Greensboro & Winston-Salem, NC, August 23rd through August 26th, 2007.

More Information:
Click here for the PrideCharlotte schedule

    Thursday, August 23, 2007Kick Off Party around the Triad
    Club Odyssey (Winston Salem) A great place for fun!
    The Q Lounge (Greensboro, edge of Downtown Greensboro)
    Time Out Salon (Downtown Greensboro)

    Friday, August 24, 2007

    “Back to School” Green Queen Bingo
    at The Regency Room
    203 South Elm Street
    Downtown Greensboro NC 27401
    Guilford Green Foundation
    7 pm till 10 pm.
    Buy tickets online or at the door –

    Party Night
    Join all of the Clubs and Bars in the Triad to celerbrate Triad Pride 2007! Fun for everyone.
    Club Odyssey (Winston Salem) Country Club Drive
    The Q Bar (Greensboro) Market Street
    Warehouse 29 (Greensboro) Arnold Street

    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    Triad Pride Rally
    11 am untill 2 pm.
    Festival Park
    200 North Davies Street
    Downtown Greensboro NC 27401
    FREE for everyone to attend and to have fun.

    Rally Schedule
    (Time schedules and events may change as we get closer to the event. Alternative Resources of the Triad is not responsible for any changes that may occur to the performers.) Triad Pride 2007 will go on due to bad weather.

    8:45 AM to 9:45 AM Vendor and Booth Setup
    9:45 AM: Karen Favreau Performing
    10:00 AM, Rally Starting time.
    10:05 AM, Lawanda Jackson Performs
    10:15 AM, KeyNote Speaker Adison Ore
    10:30 AM, Karen Favreau Performing
    10:45 AM, David Bryant Peformer
    11:00 AM, Chris Belton’s Disfunctional Family Fued Game Tarheel Leather Club VS. Triad PrideMen’s Chorus
    11:45 AM, Karen Favreau
    12:00 PM, Comedy Drag Show (4 Performers)
    12:45 PM, PFLAG mom Deanne Mogon Speaker
    1:00 PM, Mr. Triad Pride & Miss Triad Pride 2006 Performs and Speak
    1:30 PM Triad Pride Men’s Chorus
    2:00 PM End ceremony.

    Our Night Out!
    5:00 pm till 8:00 pm
    The Press, A Wine Cafe
    Martine Luthor King BLVD, Greensboro NC 27406
    Within walking distance of Fesitval Park.

    Triad Pride Men’s Chorus presents, “Pretty in Pink”
    with special guest Rainee Perdue, TriadIdol 2006 Adult Winner
    Greensboro Cultural Arts Center, 8pm
    200 North Davie Street, Lower Level

    Pride Ball
    9:30 pm until 3 am
    Warehouse 29
    1011 Arnold Street
    Greensboro NC 27405
    Entry $5.00 to $10.00 admission fee with W29 membership and picture id, College Students free adimission with W29 membership and College ID and Picture ID. All underage persons must follow all W29 entry rules of W29.

    Sunday, August 25, 2007

    Sunday Morning Service
    Saint Mary’s House, Episcopal
    930 Walker Avenue, UNCG Campus
    Greensboro NC 27402
    11AM till 12 Pm

    Picnic Out with the Family
    A day in the park with family & friends.
    Hester T Oaks Park (Vandallia & Groomtown Road)
    11:30 am until 2:30 pm
    FREE to everyone
    Volleyball courts available, Tennis courts, Padle boats, fishisng and much moore.
    Pack your own picnic basket and come out with your family and freinds. Join in the fun.
    A Live Dj for the family to enjoy, JukeBox DJ Services

    Pride Volleyball Game at Warehouse 20
    Warehouse 29
    1011 Arnold Street
    Greensboro NC 27405
    3:00 pm till 9:00 pm
    Admission $6 each person.
    Weather permitted.

    Triad Pride Rally event location
    Festival Park, 200 North Davies Street, Downtown Greensboro NC 27401

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Pride Charlotte 2007 Schedule

The schedule of the Pride Charlotte 2007 Schedule, August 17th through August 27th, 2007

More Info:
Click here for Triad Pride Schedule


    Fri., Aug. 17 • Charlotte
    Pride Ball: ‘Carolina’s Most Wanted’
    Ball Culture is on display when the Carolina Ballroom Council holds its search for the “Carolina’s Most Wanted.” A night of fierce entertainment for the entire LGBT community. $15. 10 p.m. Scorpio Nightclub, 2301 Freedom Dr. Call James Milan at 704-499-8577 or Dominique Revlon at 704-965-9745 for details.

    Sat., Aug. 18 • Charlotte
    Pride-packed musical performance featuring members of Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte and One Voice chorus. 8:04 p.m. St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, 1510 E. Seventh St. Tickets at Paper Skyscraper (330 East Blvd.) and White Rabbit (1401 Central Ave.). 704-549-9202.

    Sun., Aug. 19 • Charlotte
    Gay Day at Carowinds
    Wear red to the Carolinas’ favorite theme park’s gay event. Normal ticket prices apply at the gate or at various other outlets including Bi-Lo and Harris Teeter. For cheaper prices, purchase tickets online at A meet-and-greet will be held at 3 p.m. at the Sky Tower. Carowinds, Avenue of the Carolinas.

    Mon., Aug. 20 • Charlotte
    Producer/Director Eric Scott McPherson
    He’ll speak about his in-production documentary film project “The Oldest Gay Couple In America.” The event will also serve as a fundraiser to assist McPherson in his production of this 70-year journey through same-sex America. 7 p.m. The Lesbian & Gay Community Center, 1401 Central Ave.

    Tues., Aug. 21 • Charlotte
    Transgender Empowerment
    A meeting for the friends, family and members of the Transgender community to enjoy and empower each other. Lesbian and Gay Community Center, 1401 Central Ave.

    Wed., Aug. 22 • Charlotte
    Queen City Theatre Company presents Pride night at ‘Sordid Lives’
    This hilarious play puts a white trash twist on the story of unconditional love, acceptance and coming out in a Texas family. $16. 8 p.m. Duke Power Theatre at Spirit Square, 130 N. Tryon St. 704-372-1000.

    Special Pride Show at Scorpio
    Scorpio’s stellar cast of drag divas come together in this special themed performance. Part of the Pride Charlotte festival. Scorpio Lounge, 2301 Freedom Dr. 704-373-9124.

    Thurs., Aug. 23 • Charlotte
    Pride Potluck
    Join the Lesbian and Gay Community Center as they present the official potluck of Pride Charlotte. Everyone is welcome. All that’s requested is everyone bring a dish to share. Drinks and utensils will be provided. 6-9 p.m. The Lesbian and Gay Community Center of Charlotte, 1401 Central Ave. 704-333-0144.

    Fri., Aug. 24 • Charlotte
    Miss Pride Charlotte Pageant
    Drag divas compete for the title of Miss Pride Charlotte. Featuring the 2006 Miss Pride Charlotte Angela Lopez. Scorpio Lounge, 2301 Freedom Dr. 704-373-9124.

    Pride Sponsor Party
    A special ‘thank you’ gathering for Pride sponsors. Featuring special entertainment by jazz vocalist Kat Williams.

    Sat., Aug. 25 • Charlotte
    Front Runners Pride Run
    Charlotte Front Runners, the Queen City’s gay and lesbian running/walking club, will host a morning run beginning and ending at Gateway Village. The run will consist of four miles through Uptown Charlotte and the historic Wesley Heights neighborhood. 10 a.m. Gateway Village, 800 W. Trade St.

    Pride Charlotte Festival
    The main event! 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Gateway Village, 800 W. Trade St.
    For FREE parking infomation click here –PARKING–

    Pride Charlotte Afterparty
    Velocity, the hottest dance party with the coldest dancefloor, hosts an afterparty for Pride Charlotte attendees. Guest DJ Chris Cox. Velocity, 935 S. Summit Ave. 704-333-0060.

    Sun., Aug. 26 • Charlotte
    Closeout Party & Show
    Newly crowned Miss Pride Charlotte and Miss North Carolina U.S.ofA. Arabia K. Adams with Tracy Morgan and Tiffany Bonet. Scorpio Lounge, 2301 Freedom Dr. 704-373-9124.

    Mon., Aug. 27 • Charlotte
    “Homosexuality & the Scripture”
    A seminar on Christianity for the LGBT community. Lesbian and Gay Community Center, 1401 Central Ave.

    Pride Charlotte Event Site
    Saturday, August 25, Pride Charlotte Festival, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m., Gateway Village

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