Levi’s Playgirl spread

A short, but hilarious twitter convo to help take your mind off whatever political mayhem in which you currently find yourself overwhelmed:

interstateq Ooo goodie: http://snipr.com/rjuuk Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Levi Johnston is hot?

KipEsquire @interstateq Perhaps, but only in a “dumb submissive houseboy” sense. (Indeed, houseboy is probably asking too much – poolboy maybe.)

dmcrawford @interstateq Stay away Matt. Levi will be mine. though you will be invited to the wedding.

interstateq @dmcrawford Maybe it is time to rethink the laws against plural marriages, too. Massachusetts should be game in, oh, 25 years. : ) lol


One-sided coverage in S.C. Lt. Gov. outing

NBC WIS 10 reporter Jack Kuenzie

NBC WIS 10's Jack Kuenzie

On Monday, Washington, D.C.-based blogger and activist Mike Rogers outed as gay South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer. With a 100 percent rack record outing anti-gay, closeted politicians, Rogers’ reporting can’t be ignored.

Try telling that to NBC affiliate WIS 10 in Columbia, the Palmetto State’s capital.

In a report by Jack Kuenzie, Rogers’ track record is ignored. His past reporting absent from Kuenzie’s account.

In the report, various websites reporting Rogers’ claims were quickly flashed across the screen, including Rogers’ BlogActive, Advocate, Towleroad, Huffington Post, On Top Magazine and Q-Notes [my employer] but failed to mention Rogers’ site by name or the blogger himself.


Q-Notes website

Who got the precious airtime, you ask? Bauer aides and political activists aligned with him (and one, perhaps unbiased public policy professor, Dr. Robert Oldendick, from the University of South Carolina). At the end of his report, Kuenzie says a party activist told him the outing claims “are not bound by the truth” and should be “ignored by voters” and “ignored by the mainstream media.”

Maybe if Kuenzie dealt more in matters of truth, and if his reporting were accurate and complete, Columbia’s local NBC affiliate couldn’t be accused of covering for its state’s second-highest-ranking executive?

Just in case you’d like to politely ask Jack Kuenzie to file a more accurate and complete follow-up story, you can email him at jkuenzie@wistv.com.


A letter from Don

At least a year ago, if not longer, I bought a DVD from the American Family Association. Call it opposition research if you will. Of course, in the process of the purchase, I had to provide my email address along with all my billing information, including mailing address. Guess what the good ol’ AFA did? They put me on their mailing list. The upside was receiving their newsletter. Quite interesting stuff in there; like looking right into the mind of insanity, it is.

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A step backward at Calvin?

equalityrideeast_smallIn the spring of 2007, I was blessed to be among 25 of my peers on the Soulforce Equality Ride. We visited over a dozen schools, and while the overwhelming majority were hostile to the message of the Gospel’s inclusive love, there were bright spots along the way. One of the few great school visits was our stop at Calvin College, in Grand Rapids, Mich.

The school, its faculty and staff were kind, open-minded, and exhibited true Christian love and charity. Of the many worship experiences we had on the Ride, the evening service at Calvin felt true, honest and open — as any church or gathering in Christ should be. My experience at Calvin was in stark opposition to the treatment we received at nearby Cornerstone.

Although the school had affirmed its position that homosexuality was sinful, they had also stated explicitly that orientation is not. It is a distinction many anti-LGBT Christians fail to make, often leaving youth feeling as though they are condemned simply for who they are long before they ever (if they ever) have a same-sex relationship.

That’s why I was surprised to read of Calvin College’s board of trustees statement on LGBT advocacy. In a memo to faculty and staff, the school’s governing board says it is “unacceptable” for faculty to advocate on issues of LGBT equality, marriage or other such issues.

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