Perhaps it’s all a ruse?

veritas_ses_marriageThe National Organization for Marriage’s president, Maggie Gallagher, and chairman of the board, Robert P. George, will be visintg Charlotte on April 1. They’ll speak as a part of Southern Evangelical Seminary’s “Veritas Lecture Series” in a discussion entitled, “Marriage: Why it can and must be saved. The case against same-sex marriage.”

Listen to SES Preisdent Alex McFarland’s ad below:

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I got so excited when I saw the event was on April’s Fool Day. What better a time for Gallagher and the National Organiation for marriage to sucker people into attending an “anti-gay” lecture only to turn around and admit, “Look, folks. We were wrong. We were desperately wrong. We’ve been working and fighting against honest, law-abiding, loving families. We aren’t saving families and we aren’t standing up for family values. Instead, we’re destroying them. For this, we give the LGBT community our most sincerest of apologies and vow from this moment on: We will stand with you as you strive to create your families, protect them and offer love and guidance to your children.”

Yeeeaaah right, you tell me. You must be smoking something really powerful, Matt.

There’s no harm in hoping, wishing or dreaming, is there?

Hell. What am I thinking?

“Neither shalt thou steal.”

Obviously, the good pastor heading up Raleigh’s Christian Action League forgot that morsel of divine revelation when he disregarded my publisher’s copyright notice on the bottom of our website and in the pub box of our print edition and copied and pasted my Feb. 20 Editor’s Note from QNotes into his March 9 “Urgent Action Alert.”

For the record, QNotes‘ website states: “Copyright 1986-2010 Pride Publishing & Typesetting, Inc., Charlotte, N.C.”

Our print edition states: “Material in QNotes is copyrighted by Pride Publishing & Typesetting © 2010 and may not be reproduced in any manner without written consent of the editor.”

Poor Creech. His organization is going so broke so quickly he’s resorting to even more picking and choosing from the Bible. It’s a shame really. I never pictured teetotaler Creech as the “Cafeteria Christian” type on matters so simple as theft. Usually, anti-gay fundamentalists reserve their picky eating habits for their gay hating tastes.

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crisisbookOn Feb. 25, I was honored to participate in a forum with North Carolina businessman and Faith in America founder Mitchell Gold and Faith in America executive director Brent Childers at a small gay bar/lounge here in Charlotte. Usually, politics and religion don’t go well with bars, but it was a great and attentive crowd — we couldn’t have asked for better. We were able discuss issues addressed in Gold’s book, “CRISIS: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Social, and Religious Pain and Trauma of Growing Up Gay In America,” to which both Brent and I also contributed.

Before that later evening event, Mitchell Gold was a special guest of Campus Pride and local LGBT youth support group Time Out Youth at Myers Park Baptist Church. There, a little more than 100 folks turned out to hear Gold speak about his book, his experience growing up as a gay youth and issues of anti-LGBT, religion-based bigotry and prejudice.

A day before the event, I spoke to Campus Pride executive director Shane Windmeyer and asked if it would be appropriate to invite to the Myers Park lecture the editor of Voice of Revolution, a Charlotte-area online magazine run by anti-LGBT theologian and activist Dr. Michael Brown. (You can read my previous, in-depth Special Report on Brown here.)

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