A grassroots group is encouraging a “Same-Sex Kiss Day” at Starbucks. The idea: LGBT couples show up at a Starbucks on April 15, 2009 (aka Tax Day), order a coffee or other luxury item, and kiss as a way to raise awareness on the unequal tax status of unmarried same-sex couples.

One question the decidedly elitist organizers forgot to include in their FAQs: What if my town or city has no Starbucks?

(h/t JMG)


No day off of work for me

Greg Hambrick, who covers the gay beat at the Charleston City Paper, says:

My partner suggested a few weeks ago that we take off Dec. 10, but I’m pretty sure I’m coming to work. The reason is that my coworkers, the people who know me and know my husband, aren’t the ones who could use a lesson about what it’s like not to have me around the office.

It’s about as fruitless (pun intended) as marching at the gay bar for the gay pride parade — it’s the people who don’t see us everyday who need the educating.

I’m right there with him. Someone will have to be at work to gather info on any protests. And, like Hambrick, staying away from work at a gay business really won’t accomplish a thing.