albert-mohlerDr. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ken., says the Southern Baptist Convention is in danger of collapse.

The Associated Press reported today on a recent Mohler speech on the campus of the seminary. He told students, faculty and staff that Southern Baptists must either change and grow or die out.

“The Southern Baptist Convention is either going to become younger or dead. Here we have a big issue; we’re losing at least two-thirds of our young people somewhere along the line between adolescence and adulthood,” The AP reported Mohler saying. “A generation that has reduced religion and Christianity to what is called moralistic, therapeutic deism — believing that God basically wants them to do well and to do right and to be happy.”

The impending death of the Southern Baptist Convention should come as no surprise. For at least the past decade, if not two, the denomination has been on a death march as they forget, ignore and erase any semblance of traditional Baptist principles, faith or heritage from its ranks.

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