‘Family is really all that counts’

2009familyday125x125June 1 was the Fourth Annual Blogging for LGBT Families day. As usual, I got busy and yet busier still. The day just came and went without a moment’s notice. Thanks to organizer Dana Rudolph for the late-day reminder of the blogging day. I like to contribute every year.

Most of my regular readers and blogger buddies know I work for Q-Notes, the Carolinas’ LGBT newspaper. I’m the editor and the paper’s only full-time news writer (yes, our staff really is that small).

One of the great things about having the bulk of the writing responsibility is that most of the really great stories get assigned to none other but me! Yes, it’s tiring, but I also do not have to compete for time and attention with other writers, or give away great stories that I’d like to take on to writers who might be answering to me. I know it can’t last; I’ll eventually move on to another paper or another job where I’ll actually have to share and dole out responsibilities. Until then, I kind of like being the “only child.”

I got one of those great stories two weeks ago, just two days before our deadline for the May 30 print issue. We were going forward with our first ever Sex Issue. I’ve got to push that envelope, you know — I just wouldn’t be me if I weren’t, right?

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