Guest commentary: Shift in progress

[Ed. Note — Paul McNeal has a great guest contribution below. I’m encouraging him to become a regular InterstateQ.com contributor. I’m sure you’ll like his stuff and hope you encourage him to join the club, too! — Matt]

“When I am president of the United States, Gays and Lesbians will have somebody who will fight for equal rights for them, because they are our brothers, and they are our sisters…” — Barack Obama

In this video, Barack Obama eloquently discusses his vision for a United States of America. Growing up in a socially conservative environment, it was a struggle to talk about my feelings and emotions as a Gay Christian. To take it a couple of steps further, a Gay African American Military Christian Man –- try that one on for size. (smile)

What I am starting to notice, since my departure from the military (2001) is a cultural shift. I would call it an awakening but we have not really been asleep on the issues I will discuss, it’s actually been in discussion for quite some time.

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