This Independence Day in North Carolina was beautiful. Clear and sunny skies and moderate temperatures.

The folks in Boone, N.C., took advantage of the good weather, and hit the streets for their Independence Day Parade on July 3. A photographer from The Watauga Democrat snapped some lovely photos of Rep. Virginia “Matt Shepard crime is a hoax” Foxx (NC-05) visiting with her constituents there.

Evidently, there was one group of citizens Foxx would have preferred stay home,  and away from the Independence Day revelry.

And, what was so offensive about High Country Pride’s parade contingent? Obviously, Foxx doesn’t like Liberty.

Photo by Lauren Ohnesorg, Watuaga Democrat (h/t Watauga Watch)

appstatelogoThere used to be a time — and that time, in many respects, might still be now — when most people thought of urban areas as the only places in to find any sort of measurable or visible LGBT presence. As gays move forward in our movement for civil and social equality, attention on our issues and recognition of our communities are starting to mount up in even the most unlikely of places.

An oral history project at Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C., researching and documenting the LGBT communities of the Appalachian Mountains received a $6,531 grant from the North Carolina Humanities Council, a private statewide non-profit and affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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NC GOPers want to keep students from voting

Well. Really… what do you expect? Younger voters are more likely to be Democrats. More voters who are younger means less of a chance a Republican will win.

Check out this video of Republican NC State Senate District 45 candidate David Blust tell Appalachian State University students they shouldn’t be able to vote in local elections (hat tip WataugaWatch & BlueNC):

The anti-college student attitude isn’t a new phenomena. In 2004 and 2005 the Watauga GOP tried to disrupt student voting in numerous ways. In 2000 (see previosly linked BlueNC hat tip) Representative Virginia Foxx urged the Watauga County D.A. to start an investigation into ASU’s freshman seminar courses because they had been urging voter registration.

In 1979, SCOTUS ruled (Symm v. US)that students could vote where they live (like any other citizen). Evidentally, NC Republicans don’t think that should be the case.

David Blust’s argument for not wanting students to vote in local elections is ludicrous. A lot of voters are just going to vote straight-ticket anyway and I imagine that is what college students are going to do, too. I don’t buy the whole “students don’t know what is happening in the community” argument. I’m a student. I’m registered to vote in Winston-Salem. If I lived on campus at UNCG, however, I would be able to vote there and I would know enough about what’s happening in Greensboro to vote wisely. Hell… I think I might just know more about local Greensboro politics than I do local Winston-Salem politics.

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