Off to D.C., and the LGBT blogger conference

Hey all… Posts on InterstateQ will be coming shortly… there will be plenty to say once I get into the thick of this weekend’s 2008 national LGBT Blogger and Citizen Journalist Initiative conference in Washington, D.C.

By the time this post is automatically posted, I’ll (hopefully) be on my airplane headed to D.C. Regular posts might be sparse while I’m traveling, but expect plenty of info through the great and mighty Twitter. Check in here at InterstateQ.com and look at the TwitterQ sidebar or click over to twitter.com/interstateq.

Here’s to hoping for safe travels!

Oh… and if you’re in D.C., shoot me an email (matt ‘at’ interstateq ‘dot’ com). I’m already planning on meeting one of InterstateQ’s regular readers. Join us!