If you don’t live in Charlotte, Cleveland, Minneapolis or St. Louis, or if you aren’t a politics/news junky, or if you aren’t in someway involved in Democratic politics, you’ve likely not heard that Charlotte is in the running to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

But, if you do already know that have you yet heard all the discussion surrounding Charlotte’s current treatment of LGBT people and issues? Fear not, and find a comprehensive round-up of all the discussions below…

How do potential DNC 2012 host cities compare on LGBT equality?
July 13. InterstateQ.com
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A reality check for my own enthusiasm for Charlotte Hosting the DNC2012.
July 13. Mark Wisniewski

Open letter to the DNC: LGBT Charlotteans need the 2012 Democratic Convention.
July 27. InterstateQ.com
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DNC 2012 as Therapy for Local Gays.
July 27. Meck Deck

Interesting Open Letter* by Matt Comer.
July 27. Mark Wisniewski

City failing on DNC platform issue: treatment of gays, lesbians.
Aug. 15. Charlotte Observer
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Wisniewski on the Keith Larson Show.
Aug. 17. QNotes

At the end of June, the Democratic National Committee announced its four finalists for hosts of the 2012 Democratic National Convention: Charlotte, Cleveland, Minneapolis and St. Louis.

Here in Charlotte, our city leaders, party players and civic-minded bloggers have been a’glow with the news. Politics Daily’s Mary C. Curtis, who lives in here, wrapped up the reaction and steps local leaders are taking to woo the convention, which could bring as much as $150 million to $250 million to the area’s economic bottom line.

But, how do each of the four cities compare on LGBT equality, one of the foremost progressive and civil rights issues of the day? Take a look-see for yourself…

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