Headlines: At the week’s end

A re-cap of the last week at InterstateQ.com and around the blogosphere.

OutGayLife.com, a website network based in Bloomington and Edina, Minn., was caught red-handed stealing copyrighted content from several LGBT blogs and news publications, as well as from mainstream media outlets and The Associated Press. (Jan. 5-6, InterstateQ.com)

InterstateQ.com reader Paul McNeal contributed two guest pieces. Shift in progress and Inside Look…DADT. (Jan. 6 and 11, InterstateQ.com)

Gay exotic dancer Devon Hunter related his story of an inhospitable Gay Atlanta. (Jan. 6, DevonHunter.info)

Merck is looking to get boy-friendly approval for its Gardasil. (Jan. 7, InterstateQ.com)

Pam’s House Blend goes down. (Jan. 7, Q-Notes)

Gay grant will benefit play documenting 1996 Charlotte culture wars. (Jan. 7, Q-Notes)

Gay media ignores real gay Boy Scout issues. (Jan. 8, InterstateQ.com)

Gay activist takes issue with eSpin.com “anti-gay” Founding Father comments. (Jan. 9, InterstateQ.com)

N.C. fundamentalists’ much ado about nothing. (Jan. 10, InterstateQ.com)

Q-Notes asks reader feedback on gay prisoner’s writings. (Jan. 10, Q-Notes)

Hagan will keynote HRC Carolinas Gala. (Jan. 10, Q-Notes)


Oh, no they didn’t!

Devon is a good friend of mine. He’s an exotic dancer in and around the Carolinas and I’ve known him for a while. He’s got a hell of a lot more balls than I do (no pun intended); I don’t think I could ever take my clothes off in public. He does it like it’s no big deal.

Yeah… he’s the guy with the ad over on the right, in case you hadn’t noticed by now.

But I respect Devon, despite the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever truly felt comfortable in the places he works.

He’s also doing some great blogging over at devonhunter.info (NSFW).

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