Confusion or coercion?

Anti-gay researcher and Regent University prof Mark Yarhouse is at it again. He’s released several studies and what not exploring “ex-gays” and human sexuality. His most recent release is a survey of 104 “sexual minority” youth at Christian colleges.

In a “study” of the (extremely undersampled) surveys, Yarhouse (and a host of other researchers: Stephen Stratton, Janet Dean, and Heather Brooke) find:

  • Awareness of same-sex feelings (about age 13 by 70% of the sample)
  • Confusion about same-sex feelings (age 14-15 by 71% of the sample)
  • Intimately/romantically kissed by someone of the same sex (age 17 by 34% of the sample)
  • Been fondled by someone of the same sex (age 14-15 by 42% of the sample)
  • Fondled someone of the same sex (age 14-15 by 42% of the sample)
  • Same-sex behavior to orgasm (age 16-17 by 29% of the sample)
  • Initial attribution that I am gay (age 17 by 35% of the sample)
  • Took on the label of gay (age 18 by 14% of the sample)
  • First same-sex relationship (age 18-19 by 19% of the sample)
  • First opposite-sex relationship (age 15 by 58% of the sample)

A few figures immediately jumped out at me: By age 13, 70 percent of the students said they were aware of their same-sex feelings. Seventy-one percent said they experienced “confusion” about those feelings at ages 14-15.

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Local organizing, ex-gay protests, HRC

You might be asking, “Where the hell is Matt? He hasn’t made a post in, like, forever.”

My little gay butt has been working overtime the past two weeks as the whole of the gay world (or, at least, a good portion of it) descended on Charlotte at exactly the same time.

I worked with the Charlotte Rainbow Action Network for Equality (CRANE) to plan grassroots events Feb. 14 and Feb. 19-21. CRANE organized a Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day awareness event in Uptown Charlotte and a presentation, “Pray Away the Gay,” with author and activist Wayne Besen. On Friday, Feb. 20, we held a fabulous press conference. That evening I attended Takeover Friday at the Westin Hotel. On Saturday, Feb. 21, I attended the Focus on the Family Love Won Out “ex-gay” conference as media. I helped to organize the protest outside. The very same evening I attended the HRC Carolinas Gala. It has been a busy, busy two weeks and this past weekend was perhaps the gayest ever in the history of Charlotte. I’m sure the mainstream press and police departments very quickly began to refer to it as “the Gay Weekend.”

Here are snapshots, one video I’ve been able to complete and a news story from the many days I’ve been absent from the blogosphere… More photos and videos will be posted at Q-Notes Online and I’ll make sure you see them here, too.

CRANE Feb. 14 Uptown Awareness Event



Takeover Friday at the Westin




Love Won Out conference & CRANE protest



Human Rights Campaign Carolinas Gala