An interesting Twitter convo:

Demre: RT @proudamericans Obama is governing like a dictator and is purposely destroying this country! Please RT if you agree… #tcot

interstateq: @proudamericans Just curious: y’all are just kidding, right? If not, I’ll be on the lookout for stray marbles.

proudamericans: @interstateq kidding about what

interstateq: @proudamericans Your Obama ruling like a dictator comment.

proudamericans: @interstateq When a President passes more & more by executive order to get his agenda passed & not going through Congress – thats dictator!

interstateq: @proudamericans Did you make same claims against Bush? If not why all the outrage now? This is childs play compared to Bush’s true *abuses*

proudamericans: @interstateq I can tell you are a zombie brainwashed by the liberal media go ahead and believe what you want. Bush did not govern like this

It’s so nice to know our compassionately conservative friends answer true, honest and civil debate (along with completely valid questions) with ad hominem attacks. Wait. I thought only liberals did that. I’m confused.

A few reminders: The Constitution in Crisis, Bush v. Constitution,  Exposing Bush’s historic abuses of power

And none of that even adds up to being the tiniest bit of a tip of the iceberg. Obama, the dictator? That notion is just about as crazy (and, yes, I mean crazy as in clinically delusional) as Liberty Counsel’s claims that Obama is planning to ‘subvert’ the Constitution.

Neo-cons are weird sort of creature. People with Alzheimer’s have better memory function than these folks.

P.S. — There’s no such thing as “The Liberal Media.” I highly recommend Glenn Greenwald’s excellent piece: “Octavia Nasr and what The Liberal Media allows.”

P.P.S. — Again, I’ll repeat: “I’m telling you: The right wing agenda is evil, insidious and pernicious. Nothing more. Nothing less. (Although the words “sick” and “twisted” come to mind, too.)”


Booing Bush was so un-Obama-like

As I watched the inauguration and heard people booing former President George W. Bush, I quickly Twittered, “Wholly inappropriate: Booing the Pres. Bush. Respect the office, respect our nation, respect the institution, even if you hate the man.”

A friend and fellow blogger, Bil of, replied, “Not at all. Freedom of speech is a fundamental and is there so ppl could criticize our government. Booing is traditional.”

Ah… Freedom of Speech. Thank God for it, or else either Bil or I would have been silenced.

I replied, “Haha. True Bil, True. But freedom doesn’t come without responsibility.”

One line from President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Speech applies here: “…our security emanates from the justness of our cause, the force of our example, the tempering qualities of humility and restraint.

And, I’d argue, our freedoms, including that of speech, emanates from the same.

Humility. Restraint. I’d add, “respect” and “responsibility.”

These values co-exist and co-depend upon each other in order to make our freedoms work. Take away any of them, our freedom and nation of law and order fail.

We might hate Bush for his decisions and actions. We might think he is evil. Booing him during a ceremony meant to bring America together was wholly inappropriate. A person might have the freedom to do something, to say something, to boo the man who, at the time, was still our President, but having the freedom to do something doesn’t make it appropriate or right.

Obama has stood for a united America. Booing the outgoing President on a day that is supposed to be a uniting day only creates more division. Obama wouldn’t have booed. Obama would have respected the office… the office he now holds.


Wipe that stupid smirk off your face

bush_finalfarewellWas anybody else as completely annoyed and agitated by President Bush’s stupid, “History will exonerate me,” “I’m never going to be held accountable for the crimes I committed” smirk he had throughout his entire farewell address?

It’s over… well, almost. Just a few more days. Praise be!

P.S. – No amount of legacy-crafting or attempts at revisionist history will ever get Bushie off the hook. Unfortunately, he hasn’t yet realized he’s no longer 20-something and this ain’t the Texas Air National Guard.